Xiaomi Launches Lightweight Phone: The Xiaomi 12 Lite

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Just got off the Xiaomi 12 Lite event streamed on the Xiaomi Philippines Facebook page today. Their best news is about the new Xiaomi 12 Lite that will be released in the Philippines. Xiaomi also has introduced several home devices that are part of their aIOT smart products which you'll love!

With what they talked about, I was most impressed with the 32 Megapixel Selfie Camera, a 108 Megapixel main camera, 120 Ultra Wide Camera, plus eye tracking technology in their newest flagship device. It also has HDR in the front camera so you don't lose details even if you're against the light. It's got vibrant colors, even on videos and very comfortable display no matter what condition there is while handling the phone.

It also has fast charging capabilities even if it's lightweight, a whopping 67W charging that can get your phone working fast if it runs out of juice. 13 minutes to fill 50% battery, doesn't that sound amazing?! With the adaptive technology, it also slows down when it gets to 80% and preven overcharging if in case you leave it plugged in overnight. It also has 5G support, which means you'll get faster data download and upload rates because the hardware has the capacity to do it.

This is slim, fits in the pocket, 120Hz display if you are a gaming or video enthusiast, so no small detail is gonna be left unturned. That's the Xiaomi 12 Lite, and endorsing it in the Philippines is GMA actress and IT girl Gabbi Garcia. This was all announced this evening.

The new Xiaomi 12 Lite is available in 2 storage sizes. The 6GB+128GB retails for Php 20,999 while the 8GB+128GB costs Php 21,999. The Xiaomi 12 Lite will be available for pre order on Xiaomi authorized stores starting August 19 up to 26, then regular price  after that. Those who choose to pre order will get it with extras like the Xiaomi Tyvek bag, a Xiaomi Pinoy Bunny, a Xiaomi Nightlight, plus Xiaomi Ceramic Mug shirt, notebook or pen. That's a treat for those who love Xiaomi.


CRYSTAL PARAS and VILMARK VIRAY Release Heartbreaking Music


It's a nice afternoon to talk to two very talented singers from GMA Music and GMA Playlist's stable. One is versatile actress and former Starstruck Crystal Paras and The CLASH alumni Vilmark Viray. 

Crystal says "I'm really happy to be part of this (Voltes V Legacy) and I won't doubt the quality of this project because it all goes to Japan for approval. This is something big, something I wished for because I always play the goody two shoes who gets slapped by contra bidas. I also wanted to do something like an action flick so this was really a dream for me. For my music, when they gave it to me, I asked them to change very minimal. The lyrics stayed the same and I knew, it just felt right. I was in Twin Lakes when this was given to me, they told me to think about it but I loved the song. It's very laid back, I worked as an acoustic singer and this was very mellow, something that definitely fit me. I'd love to be able to perform it in front of crowds, maybe have it for a movie or series, perhaps hear it on the radio, or immortalized in karaoke lists. This is very easy to listen to and easy to sing, I hope it blows up soon and don't take years to get there. Hopefully, hopefully! My Mom already heard this, that was hard for me to do. I look up to her as a singer and actress, but I would like to hear her critique and she liked it. I am already happy about that achievement."

 Vilmark on the other hand has been performing regularly on AOS and on other GMA shows. He says "I've been wishing to perform on stage, but now I've been appearing with my idols on TV. I treat them as my inspiration, make it a point to do that to better my craft. I always practice, learn a lot and do my best so I won't be the cause of delay when singing on TV. I've written the song and music, I only learned the guitar this year and tried to get it approved. I was so happy when they did, it's a process though before it got out. I'm happy because it's something that happened to me personally, and I hope this would have a place in the hearts of those who listen to it especially our Kapuso fans. I dedicate this to my family, those who didn't doubt, who have sacrificed a lot to send me to tapings til now. I hope this all gets paid off with the success of my song, to have a chance to entertain them, that would be the best thing for me."

 Here's part of the interview we had with them this morning.

Their single "Hintay" (Crystal Paras) and "Paraya" (Vilmark Viray) is already available in Spotify and different streaming platforms worldwide. Make sure to stream and download them legally where available. They are also planning to sing these songs on tours so hold on tight when they come to your town! Their music is under GMA Playlist and GMA Music.


PRAY.COM Features Gary Valenciano on New Audio Series

Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano just recently did critically acclaimed Joseph the Dreamer and played as Jacob in the Trumpets musical.

Today marks another milestone as he puts another feather to his hat as the Philippine ambassador for the most downloaded religious app in the world. They just released a new audio series called "Heroes of the Bible: Joseph". This is his voice bringing in an emotional cinematic take on one of the famed heroes found in scriptures - which would really be fit to be listened to in today's generation.

Max Bard the VP of Content for Pray.com says “He's a breath of fresh air and has been one of the nicest voices we have heard on the app. We have been working with Gary since last year and everything has been magical. With the new audio series, Joseph. You can listen to him bring these stories to life!"

For those who don't know, Joseph is one flawed hero. You'll get to see how he gets to develop his relationship with his father, his brothers, his coat, the Pharoah, his dreams and learn from his story.

Download the Pray.com app today on the App Store or Google Play and listen to this newly imagined story. You can listen to the audio series and other stories all in the app.


A Real Life Bagman

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

his is a cloak piece we heard from AM radio station DZXL a few days ago will surely be talked about this month.

Apparently there exists administration officials working under "you know who" that are a big time bag men. One of them has the duty of depositing huge sums of money to different banks, while the other talks directly to different businessmen, government officials, and individuals to collect money for his boss. They also make sure that it comes timely in the bank account of another high official.

These negotiations according to their source have happened in June/July of this year when talks about their share of the loot broke down on succeeding messages. These were supposed to be for funding projects for the poor but turns out, it's going to someone else's pockets. That's just sad no?!

Text message samples were also read on air and details of hundreds of millions worth of pesos were spilled. This bag man talked about was just for a single government official, someone that wouldn't be easily caught as he is connected with other local government officials, and with these happening in times of crisis, a pandemic, and a monstrous inflation, it just leaves us dumbfounded how thick faced they have become after that election. 
And this certainly implies that there's so much more about this story.


CONVERGE Launches Premium Service XCLSV

Studio 28 in BGC was clad in purple and gold this evening as our friends from CONVERGE launch XCLSV. This is a new premium personalized service designed for their VIP's and clientele who needs top of the line customer and technical help that's simple, easy and get in a jiffy.

As explained by Ms. Orange Ramirez the  Marketing Manager of Converge, Converge XCLSV is available to existing subscribers from 3500 and up. "This is fast, simple and reliable, top tier services for our valued customers." They have a team dedicated to customer concerns, including fast pass on business centers to prioritize customers right away. There will also be a team servicing repairs, email and geek squad on stand by, assured you will be serviced right away. They will reveal the customer support right away. There is also a quarterly check up, first to know new products and offers, free delivery of add on services, special access to XCLUSV events, less time to worry about internet connection and more time for those who matter most.

What does this mean for existing customers? Choices. Converge services are of course not available 24/7 and with XCLSV, they already know it is you once you initiate contact. Their services (especially having internet connection) should be the least of your concerns. Being in it, you can be asked if you are available within the day, office hours to fix your lines. Regular clients will still receive the usual services they offer, but if you upgrade your plan, you get the speed plus the perks if you are in the 3,500 or 5,000 plan and up. If you are already at 3,500 plan, you will be informed via email and be automatically be part of XCLSV. Thank you to the nice people who also invited us to this grand occasion.

If you want to know more about it, check out ttps://www.convergeict.com/xclsv/ for more information about it.


ANNE CURTIS, JANE DE LEON Headline Powerful Campaign with Smart

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

This afternoon was a powerful one as Smart took us on us on a ride on what it feels like if you've got The Power of Smart.

One thing to say is that they were really ecstatic by winning the Best Mobile Network Award they got from Ookla. This is the first time the company is giving an award like that and Smart is maknig history. This also happened after Smart got Fastest Mobile Network and Best Mobile Coverage in the first two quarters so they're also giving Filipinos some powerful treat.

Headlining their campaign the Power of Smart, are two industry heroines and actresses Anne Curtis and this generation's Darna Jane De Leon. Anne by the way has been a loyal Smart subscriber and ambassador for a little over 10 years now and Jane on the other hand is just starting big especially as ratings this evening with Darna was unbelievable! Both women are iconic and surely, showing us how to work on our dreams and achieving it. Jane is changing her life as we speak and she's quite happy to be part of the Smart family because she says "It empowers me to do what I want!".

Smart also showed how Filipinos are now enjoying 5G speeds in different areas in the country to not only consume data, but create photos, videos, content that could be enjoyed by family, friends, and the public. Smart promises to work on faster speeds, so you their subscribers would be able to accomplish more especially at these times. I've been using my smart line for years now and it has accompanied me in different places in the country. I see the immense improvement even on the islands, imagine what you could do with videos, music, or games if you can play anywhere without a hitch!

Congratulations to Smart, to Anne Curtis and Jane De Leon who's now making their powerful moves. Here's wishing everyone does too!

If you're not with Smart, make the powerful move by changing your number here https://smart.com.ph/Pages/mobilenumberportability


Congressman ARJO ATAYDE Kicks Off Brigada Eskwela 2022

fter getting elected as Congressman of the 1st District of Quezon City, our boy Congressman Arjo Atayde hit the ground running to serve his constituents in the city. After filing several of his priority bills, he also has done activations for the annual Brigada Eskwela 2022. This is something that the parents, teachers, volunteers do every year to prepare the schools for incoming students, some of which are doing face to face classes this year.

In Arjo's capacity, he has donated lots of school supplies, some needed equipment for offices, plus safety kits to make sure they have the essentials in these schools. He also arranged partnerships with delivery company J&T Express who shelled out Php 10,000 as assistance to maintain facilities in these institutions.

Arjo says "I have always regarded education as a great equalizer, it's one of my priorities this year. I want to continue to be involved in improving it, augment funds for what they need in the schools of my city."
Recepients of his efforts today include Toro Hills Elementary School located in Project 8 (This is for areas 1, 2 and 3) and Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. High School located in the Mayon-Retiro (area 4, 5 and 6). Surely, there will be more who will benefit from Atayde's initiated projects. 
You'll love him even more! 


SB19, Parokya Ni Edgar, Headline Acer #MakeYourGreenMark Concert

Sunday, August 14, 2022

It was fun, full of music and fantastic performers at the Acer Day 2022. Tickets for this concert were given to individuals who buy from their sustainable line the Acer Vero or donating to Heritatge foundation and recyclables dropped of The Plaf which is a social enterprise who recycles plastic stuff.

It was certainly a good cause and fans went through the lines like clockwork, filling the Mall of Asia Arena to the brim. Acer also did several promos at the venue with their laptops and home products. Then the concert started.

Performers include SB19, OC Records' Adie,  girl group KAIA, Janina Vela, SUD, Team Payaman, and my personal favorite Parokya ni Edgar. Chito Miranda started his set by telling the audience that they were not there to be just seen on stage to perform, told everyone to come near it and told us to enjoy the occasion with them. We did!




Parokya Ni Edgar's Chito Miranda

They also had several of their brand ambassadors in the venue, all of whom had lots of fun in the concert just like us. Congratulations to Acer for holding this #MakeYourGreenMark Concert, for the love of environment and making Filipinos part of the movement. If you want to see their performances, follow @kumagcow on TikTok as I've posted videos there! 


Four Kings and a Queen Concert at the Newport Performing Arts Theater This August

Friday, August 12, 2022

Legends of their own right, deserving of the accolades and love they receive from their fans, these singers, songwriters who ruled the 70's and 80's just came back from a successful concert in the US to perform in the Newport Performing Arts Theater for the home crowd this time. Hadji Alejandro, Rey Valera, Nonoy Zuniga, Marco Sison and the one and only Pops Fernandez will do their 4 Kings and a Queen Concert this coming August 26 and 27 in this venue. They had small mishaps in the US tour when some of them tested positive before they had to do the Vegas show. It took them a few days to recoup and do the concert for the same or even bigger crowd later on at the same state.

Nonoy Zunigaa says “I had complete vaccines and boosters but I tested positive for COVID and had to move the show in the states. Plus there are different variants in the US so if you had one you might have the others too.I’m glad to see that the US tour was almost all FULL HOUSE. They went there to enjoy and lots of people refunded tickets but when the actual day came, tons of people appeared even walked in. I’m glad people appreciate our jokes, we know each other too much even if they are concerned for me because of jokes. But we’re good.”

Marco Sison says “We have never performed in two years, it was a little hard to do concerts but the US opened up early, you can feel the excitement of the people. Even if it was cold in San Francisco, you can feel the love and support of the Filipinos. The first one was awesome and even our first few shows were sold out.”

Rey Valera says “Don’t get me wrong but people I know in the Philippines were all dying, I was asking myself if I’m gonna be next. I told the fans in the US to just enjoy the moment because they were lucky that they got the concert happen in their state. They say we are the most politically incorrect group of people and we don’t even talk about bashers. Our humor is different because we often talk about ourselves, we haven’t talked about the audience YET, but maybe if we don’t have anything to talk about we will lol.”

Pops says “I was really happy, music is powerful because it can give us a lot of joy, bring us back in time and some of them even cried. Through our songs, they remember moments, and see something live, it brings a lot of memories. We enjoyed because there are a lot of people, sometimes we forget that our songs affect people, plus the wonderful spiels of these innocent men. Thank you to Newport because when they knew we had shows in the US they got us there. It’s not easy to produce shows these days because people might be a little afraid to go out. Thank you to those who believe in us and different artists because it’s a challenging time, and I’m happy we have been successful, thank you to producers and people who believe in us. What we will be bringing in Manila is the same show but since this is home, we will put a lot extra in production. You need to see it because it’s a little bit of everything, it’s a surprise. This is going to be so fun I promise.”

Hadji says “After two years, this is a grand reunion of sorts, we were like barkadas catching up with stories. Cliche as it may sound, but with this group, you just build it and they would come. Our generation may come in wheel chairs and dextrose, but they will go to the venue and enjoy it. It’s a happy feeling to see them come because of the songs, and sometimes because of time constraints it’s a little tough to squeeze in all the songs because it’s a lot. But our top hits will be there, so you’ll have a good time with us there! We will have duets, quintets, a medley of love songs from the 70’s and 80’s, a little boring from Rey Valera but it’s good. We don’t have Rico J anymore but we got his spunk, it will be clean fun. I remember Rico had nuns and priests walk out but with mine, there won’t be anything like that.”

Tickets are sold at the venue or Ticketnet and SM Tickets. If you're raring to reminisce the good old times, the 4 Kings and Queen would want you to be there.


TV5 and ABSCBN Inks Major Deal

It was certainly a regular day until news cam out of the investment agreement between ABS-CBN and TV5. To tell you honestly, I wasn't surprised because at the end of the day, ABSCBN has evolved into a company that provides content for the Filipino worldwide. ABS-CBN entered this deal by acquiring 34.99% or 2.16 Billion Pesos of common shares, with MediaQuest still holding controlling position of TV5. There would also be an option to get more stocks after 8 years of no more than 49.92% off of TV5.

The proceeds of the purchase will be sent to fund TV5 operations, specifically content, their programming and also public service. This will certainly change both ABSCBN and TV5's ways of delivering content not just locally, but abroad where ABS-CBN already has a lot of experience in. This will also make TV5's capability to make content in entertainment, public affairs and even sports even greater in the coming years. The deal will be closed this August 2022.

MediaQuest Holdings Chairman Manny Pangilinan says "We at TV5 welcome ABSCBN for their investments. We all know ABSCBN has always been the leading provider of Filipino related content here and abroad. We have cherished values, synergies to provide top quality programs and hope this will continue to grow, succeed in the coming years."

ABSCBN Chairman Mark Lopez adds "This is an opportunity to help TV5 strengthen its broadcast capabilities and our work in content production and talent management will add not just for TV5's growth, but the ability to serve the public. We see the opportunity to help TV5 grow, to work with the best talent off cam and on cam. This partnership will evolve ABSCBN to become a storytelling company. "

You've seen ABSCBN shows increase on TV5 these previous months and surely, they will further enhance their relationships. Really, this makes me so happy!  


K-LITE 103.5 FM Starts Operations at AMBS Media Center

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Looks like things are starting to heat up over at AMBS Media Center as well loved radio station K-LITE 103.5 starts broadcasting live at the AMBS Media Center from the 2nd Floor of Starmall in Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City. This is their flagship radio station and has been in the airwaves since 1995 playing well loved hits from the 90's and songs of now. This will be the network's new home studio which is under the Villar Group of companies.

It's Chairman Manny Villar says "This marks the start of our venture into the entertainment scene and we're excited to get things running after our challenges with the pandemic. With this, we'll recover and generate more jobs so we could also help more Filipinos worldwide."

The shows will also be streamed via Channel 3 of Planet Cable in different parts of Metro Manila and the South whilst international and local online audiences can stream these shows via klite1035.com.ph. They are also on Twitch so if you're familiar with the streaming app, you can listen there too in different times.

You'll be entertained by DJ Jaybee Jariol and DJ Aly Esplana via lite favorites on Mondays to Fridays from 9AM to 12PM while streamers and gamers will cop the 5PM to 9PM spot to get you in the groove all evening. K-Lite will also be doing "K-Lite Kampus Krew" search on their DJ Kampus Hunt for hopefuls 18-25 years old. Make sure you follow them on their social channels as details of the said search will be posted regularly. For those who are obsessed with TikTok you can follow them there and join the current Do It Duet challenge, plus more contests soon. For those who want to take it slow, their weekend playlists are fine tuned for listeners like you. Soon, they will be doing more shows with live performances with the country's leading bands, artists and iconic singers on special days. Tune in to these shows on their frequency and on cable channels as they've got lots of programming changes in the coming months.


Next Level BRIA Homes: Launches xE Series

Monday, August 08, 2022

Things are looking bright for the real estate industry especially this year where prices are competitive. To become successful, you need to expand fast and innovate to spark growth here and in any other industry. BRIA Homes for example has made sure their projects are located in strategic sites, full of amenities that can be used by the community like good internet connection, utilization of electronic cash and people who care about managing the property.

Recently, they launched BRIA Homes Bettina Prime carrying the xE series which are mostly upgraded versions of BRIA’s Elena, Elyana and Bettina models. The differences lie in the fences, pavements and gates which was non existent in previous designs. Inside, it gets even better with bedroom partitions, well designed floor and wall tiles, water closets, hand showers and bidets (a must for Filipino homes these days). This would make any person looking for a home eager to own one or invest to lease off for families. There are also options to own two lots for more space like the Bettina xE with 72 square meters, there will be a lot more space for small gardens or play area.

Like in any other BRIA Homes property, lots of facilities like the multi purpose hall, covered basketball court, a playground can be used by home owners and enjoy with families, friends, the community and for special occasions.

Thinking of moving? Check out the property without having to go there physically via 360 degree tours on www.bria.com.ph or you can check out their socials at www.facebook.com/BriaHomesIncOfficial where they post updates about their many projects. If you're seriously considering one, go reserve a home via https://www.bria.com.ph/online-reservation/ because they can do that too online.

Now go make that choice a BRIA today!


SARAH G and Mimiyuuuh Wants you to Show Your Happiness with TNT

If you're watching things online this weekend, chances are, you've already seen the new TNT commercial. The one and only Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo Guidicelli and the roar induced YouTube phenom Mimiyuuuh appeared in a new music video to enjoin Filipinos to find their happiness amidst these challenging times.

They call it "Tuloy ang Saya!" (Continue the Fun!) and in it, they collaborate in a fun song and dance number that showcases how one can be happy and finish work in very simple ways. Like for example, talking to loved ones on messaging apps, or spending countless hours perfecting that dance number on TikTok, playing lots of games online, even learning crafty stuff on YouTube or getting online stores up and start a business, the possibilities are endless!

According to Sarah, she says "I'm extremely happy that I got to come back with a project together with Mimiyuuuh. The importance of this lies on the message on how much we've managed to weather through hardships, continue to grow."

Mimiyuuh has expressed joy about this collaboration and says "I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Sarah G. especially about how it celebrates the good traits of Filipinos, because at the end of the day, TNT, Tuloy ang Saya! (Continue the Happiness!)." If you want to join the fun, go post your own dance videos at TikTok and use the hashtags #TNTuloyAngSaya.

Here's some of the behind the scenes photos from the shoot:

If you're with TNT, they have a new promo called Sulit Affordaloads. You can choose between Pantawid 10, SurfSaya 20 and All Star Data 50 that also has a Free TikTok for All with it. So go dial *123# and choose the best data, call or text promos from the options there. TNT is also covered by Smart, so you've got the widest coverage in the country.

This is epic!


Master Chef JP Anglo Takes Filipino Cuisine to the Skies via Philippine Airlines

Sunday, August 07, 2022

Saw this post from my nephew who is a flight attendant at Philippine Airlines about 2 days ago wherein celebrity Chef JP Anglo prepared island cooking in the skies. These are some of his personal favorite Filipino dishes and by far, fellow Filipinos and foreign guests enjoyed the meals served in this Manila-Los Angeles flight a few days ago.

This starts how Philippine Airlines Business Class meals will be created and crafted by JP Anglo that will be served in all their US and Canada flights which will begin this August. This includes nonstop flights coming from Manila to Los Angeles, Manila to San Francisco, stright flights from Manila to New York, plus Canada's well loved cities Vancouver and Toronto. This is part of PAL's efforts to elevate the fleet's dining experience as they service these routes in the US and Canada.

The B777-300ER aircraft has enough room for a stay at their concierge, flat laying beds, while you take a snooze for long haul flights with the flag carrier. If you want to experience this luxury flight, book it today via PhilippineAirlines.com. Because, why not right?! Imagine the things you can do with your family and friends behind you.

Won't these and the other dishes be good to showcase what our cuisine is all about? It's just the start, and I can't  wait to see if all these meals be served in every Philippine Airlines flight. It's practically a taste of home. Congratulations Chef JP!


Prime Video Takes Space in the Philippines

Saturday, August 06, 2022

Choices, we've got more of that now that Prime Video is starting a lineup of local content and an even better user experience for the country.

For starters, they've announced the first Amazon Original content called Comedy Island: Philippines which they worked on with Base Entertainment (a production studio involved in creative talent in the region) so they could bring them out to the world. This will be launched next year (2023) and this will be exciting times for the viewing public.

This is part of Prime Videos increase in investment to make sure we won't be running out of entertaining content with hits like Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Korean dramas like Nothing Serious, Toy Soldiers, and US shows The Good Doctor, Amazon Originals The Boys and The Terminal List plus a whole lot more in their library.

Efforts include local Prime Video marketing to work with our very own Filipino producers and celebrity host and personality Anne Curtis. This is also the same with other Southeast Asian neighbors Thailand and Indonesia so they too get a dose of Prime Video love in their own language.

They're also offering it at Php 149 a month (introductory price) which would be charged after you consume the free 7 days on Prime Video. With it, you can download and watch it anytime, anywhere you wish and watch on compatible handsets, on Smart TV's so you can watch at the comforts of your home or out on the road to Albuquerque or Kamuning whichever comes first. This would be really interesting to see how a new player comes as Filipinos consume more content online.


DAIKIN Introduces New Products and Air Solutions Shop

Friday, August 05, 2022

Daikin is one of the leading brand of air conditioners in the country. It's the world's number 1 and without question because of it's outstanding quality, research and advanced technology that can only be found with a Daikin. Their goal of perfecting air has been a really good selling point as they continue to grow their threshold in homes, offices and hotels who has been using their products for several years. 

During lavish ceremonies at the Grand Ballroom of Grand Hyatt Manila Hotel in BGC, they showcased the latest products they offer for residential spaces to keep your indoor air fresh and clean. The New D-Smart King FTKZ-WVM has Daikin proprietary Streamer Technology and built in wifi to easily manage usage of it. The New D-Smart Queen FTKC-AVA on the other hand banks on power efficiency, a Gin-ion filter to break down bacteria and viruses plus a Breeze Mode feature so you keep air good in cold nights. They also showcased a New Air Purifier MC30YVM-7 which you can use for small rooms as it includes the Streamer Technology that is tested to work agains COVID-19 and other harmful viruses.

For those in commercial spaces, they think about you too as they implement technologies like VAM Heat Reclaim Ventilator that improve air quality. They also have new streamer duct chambers, MERV-8 Filters and Streamer Cassettes to make sure you get extra indoor air quality filters, a way to eliminate viruses and bacteria and a portable way to upgrade units with cassettes.

Takayoshi Miki the President of Daikin Philippines says "We are introducing new products for different industries in the Philippines and reducing power consumption in all spaces. The skill of air conditioning technicians is essential to put more of Daikin products nationwide. We have 400 authorized dealers nationwide, all trained and developed even more to be ahead of the competition. This is why we have air conditioning, solutions for air quality. This is what we have for our customers, the Daikin Air Solutions Shop. We have RCGA Enterprises, Hope Genesis Enterprises, PVS Air Conditioning Services, Quickserve Advanced Technical Solutions Co Ltd, AirconEx Philippines, Inc. to make sure you have energy efficient solutions, centralized solutions and individual air controls, control systems, indoor air quality solutions and fast, reliable delivery and installation in your homes and businesses. We want 100 percent customer satisfaction."

A tall order but they have done it here and in other parts of the world. Make sure to visit daikin.com.ph or Daikin Philippines in social channels online.