Rising Above Challenges: Taberna Group of Companies

Monday, August 01, 2022

We felt a little happy about last night's event. I could tell there was so much thanksgiving as the Taberna Group of Companies held "Press Play" which signals their return to hosting events here and in different parts of the country.  It was so much fun as they showcased what Outbox Media Powerhouse Corporation can do as they celebrate their 16th year in the business. Ms. Roselle Taberna the Managing Director of Outbox Media Powerhouse Corporation says "I made a promise to all my loved ones that I will celebrate your milestones. I always want to make it count, and clients took notice on how we organize corporate events, from outdoor and indoor executions, multimedia and marketing needs, we got it covered. During the pandemic, we were affected, but you all trusted us to make content on demand. We kept producing clients need, and things are looking up, we now are celebrating life. To our clients and partners, thank you for staying with Outbox Media Powerhouse Inc. It is your dedication, hard work that made us who we are, I think of you as brothers, sisters, like family. Thank you for making us grow, thank you for the crazy ideas, I love you guys, with Press Play tonight, let me tour you in our new office."

Aside from that, they also are giving thanks to people who have supported "Ka Tunying's" who was able to successfully weather through the pandemic after losing branches, and now have 3 recovering, and much stronger market wise. Anthony Taberna the President and CEO of Taberna Group of Companies says "I am blessed to have a wife that knows how to work numbers, we are a growing and turning 7 years old tomorrow. I am glad to have been able to work with these people. Thank you!" During the height of the pandemic, Ka Tunying's really suffered. From 10 branches at the height of the company, it all closed and now, they were able to open 3 branches back up and is doing good in food service and catering. They took in the challenges of the pandemic, and slowly, they are recovering. In the last two years, they have new team players, and will be introducing Catering by KT in the market. 


And food was good!

They also announced the move of Dos Por Dos, a popular show (with Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja) in DZRH that will be moved from its original 5-6:30PM slot to their new one at 6-8AM weekdays on the same station. This will also be streamed on their social channels as well. Outbox Media Powerhouse Corporation also announced the release of patriarch Anthony Taberna's music video made for his YouTube channel "Tune In Kay Ka Tunying" over at https://www.youtube.com/c/TuneInKayTunying that's got 594K subscribers and still growing. Anthony added "My daughter said that I shouldn’t stop doing what makes me happy. It’s why I do my Facebook livestreams and content creation on YouTube."

They are also celebrating the recent win of their daughter Zoey against the big C/Leukemia, which surely changed their life after a successful marrow transplant procedure in Singapore (her sister Helga donated). There was not a dry eye in the room as the daughters thanked their parents for the unending support they've given them on this ordeal. This was the perfect celebration of Mrs. Taberna's birthday as well, and as she said, she already got her wishes with Zoey's recovery. She thanked everyone who came and have supported them all these years.  They have survived a pretty tough time in their lives, and rose above the challenges with the help of their friends, vendors, supporters, family and church.

Congratulations to the Taberna Group of Companies for all the success they've gotten these past few years, cheers to more of your businesses and events from hereon out!


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