Making Memories at Club Paradise in Coron Palawan

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Spent a few days at Coron, Palawan with my fam for a short R&R. It's been a while since I've been there and I've been ecstatic to have my family with me. We stayed at Club Paradise, it's in Dimakya Island in Coron which I've had the pleasure of going to a few years back. I saw it was fit for my senior Mom to go to so boat transfers and accommodations would be all accessible as the Discovery property arranges all of that.

I brought along the Samsung A73 5G (in Amazing White color) with me to keep memories. It's a beastly phone that takes 108MP photos that has OIS and a set of quad cameras. It's also got a Snapdragon 778G processor, fits in the hand at 6.7 inch Full HD+ with an SAMOLED screen. I was able to test the 5G connection in Manila and by any standards, VERY fast.It also takes amazing videos, but I reckon be of good quality at 4x zoom. I may have a lot of processing needs, but it bore the brunt of several video editing apps, photo editing apps and socials that I use almost everyday. I really didn't need the 4K video capability and opted to have lesser resolution so I can have more space on the phone. It's got 256GB space though, and I wasn't able to fill it all up with vacation photos in that 5 day retreat. You can opt for the 1TB microSD space as it can accommodate external memory too.

Photo quality is good, it won't make you look like you have plastic skin. I also took advantage of the zoom taking videos for a real wedding proposal that happened at the beach. The photos and videos in daytime, plus several food shots I took was crisp too. I'd be crazy if I didn't think this was something that was made for content creators. 

Here's a glimpse of the trip we had plus the special dinner arranged by Club Paradise in the evening. They called it a Moonlight Dinner, perfect for special occasions or if you plan to propose to someone. Ours was for fun so they also prepared a Boodle Fight, a seafood lover's dream, even those who want surf and turf. I used a different Android phone in the beginning, see how the shots changed dramatically at the 2:08 mark. If you see the proposal video at the 6:08 mark, I was super far and hiding among the trees when I took videos. Imagine, a phone that can take videos with low light and that distance?


Here are some shots from the phone I used, I edited colors and a watermark (to keep it safe) through Photoshop. It's a lot to take, but I guess it's all worth it!

You may order a day before to make sure you've got a Boodle Fight you'll love. Just inform the staff if you'd want to make changes and they're very nice people, they can accommodate.

The Sunset Cruise (which you should also request for in advanced) was a perfect way to end the day with. This was done before we had dinner. Needless to say, they really took good care of us while we were there. I'd like to take this bit to thank the good people of Club Paradise in Palawan, we're thinking of making this an annual thing. Who knows?! I'm glad though I got memories saved. Samsung did something good with that phone. It's a tool, and you can do wonders with it!


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