CRYSTAL PARAS and VILMARK VIRAY Release Heartbreaking Music

Thursday, August 18, 2022


It's a nice afternoon to talk to two very talented singers from GMA Music and GMA Playlist's stable. One is versatile actress and former Starstruck Crystal Paras and The CLASH alumni Vilmark Viray. 

Crystal says "I'm really happy to be part of this (Voltes V Legacy) and I won't doubt the quality of this project because it all goes to Japan for approval. This is something big, something I wished for because I always play the goody two shoes who gets slapped by contra bidas. I also wanted to do something like an action flick so this was really a dream for me. For my music, when they gave it to me, I asked them to change very minimal. The lyrics stayed the same and I knew, it just felt right. I was in Twin Lakes when this was given to me, they told me to think about it but I loved the song. It's very laid back, I worked as an acoustic singer and this was very mellow, something that definitely fit me. I'd love to be able to perform it in front of crowds, maybe have it for a movie or series, perhaps hear it on the radio, or immortalized in karaoke lists. This is very easy to listen to and easy to sing, I hope it blows up soon and don't take years to get there. Hopefully, hopefully! My Mom already heard this, that was hard for me to do. I look up to her as a singer and actress, but I would like to hear her critique and she liked it. I am already happy about that achievement."

 Vilmark on the other hand has been performing regularly on AOS and on other GMA shows. He says "I've been wishing to perform on stage, but now I've been appearing with my idols on TV. I treat them as my inspiration, make it a point to do that to better my craft. I always practice, learn a lot and do my best so I won't be the cause of delay when singing on TV. I've written the song and music, I only learned the guitar this year and tried to get it approved. I was so happy when they did, it's a process though before it got out. I'm happy because it's something that happened to me personally, and I hope this would have a place in the hearts of those who listen to it especially our Kapuso fans. I dedicate this to my family, those who didn't doubt, who have sacrificed a lot to send me to tapings til now. I hope this all gets paid off with the success of my song, to have a chance to entertain them, that would be the best thing for me."

 Here's part of the interview we had with them this morning.

Their single "Hintay" (Crystal Paras) and "Paraya" (Vilmark Viray) is already available in Spotify and different streaming platforms worldwide. Make sure to stream and download them legally where available. They are also planning to sing these songs on tours so hold on tight when they come to your town! Their music is under GMA Playlist and GMA Music.


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