DAIKIN Introduces New Products and Air Solutions Shop

Friday, August 05, 2022

Daikin is one of the leading brand of air conditioners in the country. It's the world's number 1 and without question because of it's outstanding quality, research and advanced technology that can only be found with a Daikin. Their goal of perfecting air has been a really good selling point as they continue to grow their threshold in homes, offices and hotels who has been using their products for several years. 

During lavish ceremonies at the Grand Ballroom of Grand Hyatt Manila Hotel in BGC, they showcased the latest products they offer for residential spaces to keep your indoor air fresh and clean. The New D-Smart King FTKZ-WVM has Daikin proprietary Streamer Technology and built in wifi to easily manage usage of it. The New D-Smart Queen FTKC-AVA on the other hand banks on power efficiency, a Gin-ion filter to break down bacteria and viruses plus a Breeze Mode feature so you keep air good in cold nights. They also showcased a New Air Purifier MC30YVM-7 which you can use for small rooms as it includes the Streamer Technology that is tested to work agains COVID-19 and other harmful viruses.

For those in commercial spaces, they think about you too as they implement technologies like VAM Heat Reclaim Ventilator that improve air quality. They also have new streamer duct chambers, MERV-8 Filters and Streamer Cassettes to make sure you get extra indoor air quality filters, a way to eliminate viruses and bacteria and a portable way to upgrade units with cassettes.

Takayoshi Miki the President of Daikin Philippines says "We are introducing new products for different industries in the Philippines and reducing power consumption in all spaces. The skill of air conditioning technicians is essential to put more of Daikin products nationwide. We have 400 authorized dealers nationwide, all trained and developed even more to be ahead of the competition. This is why we have air conditioning, solutions for air quality. This is what we have for our customers, the Daikin Air Solutions Shop. We have RCGA Enterprises, Hope Genesis Enterprises, PVS Air Conditioning Services, Quickserve Advanced Technical Solutions Co Ltd, AirconEx Philippines, Inc. to make sure you have energy efficient solutions, centralized solutions and individual air controls, control systems, indoor air quality solutions and fast, reliable delivery and installation in your homes and businesses. We want 100 percent customer satisfaction."

A tall order but they have done it here and in other parts of the world. Make sure to visit daikin.com.ph or Daikin Philippines in social channels online.


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