ANNE CURTIS, JANE DE LEON Headline Powerful Campaign with Smart

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

This afternoon was a powerful one as Smart took us on us on a ride on what it feels like if you've got The Power of Smart.

One thing to say is that they were really ecstatic by winning the Best Mobile Network Award they got from Ookla. This is the first time the company is giving an award like that and Smart is maknig history. This also happened after Smart got Fastest Mobile Network and Best Mobile Coverage in the first two quarters so they're also giving Filipinos some powerful treat.

Headlining their campaign the Power of Smart, are two industry heroines and actresses Anne Curtis and this generation's Darna Jane De Leon. Anne by the way has been a loyal Smart subscriber and ambassador for a little over 10 years now and Jane on the other hand is just starting big especially as ratings this evening with Darna was unbelievable! Both women are iconic and surely, showing us how to work on our dreams and achieving it. Jane is changing her life as we speak and she's quite happy to be part of the Smart family because she says "It empowers me to do what I want!".

Smart also showed how Filipinos are now enjoying 5G speeds in different areas in the country to not only consume data, but create photos, videos, content that could be enjoyed by family, friends, and the public. Smart promises to work on faster speeds, so you their subscribers would be able to accomplish more especially at these times. I've been using my smart line for years now and it has accompanied me in different places in the country. I see the immense improvement even on the islands, imagine what you could do with videos, music, or games if you can play anywhere without a hitch!

Congratulations to Smart, to Anne Curtis and Jane De Leon who's now making their powerful moves. Here's wishing everyone does too!

If you're not with Smart, make the powerful move by changing your number here


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