CONVERGE Launches Premium Service XCLSV

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Studio 28 in BGC was clad in purple and gold this evening as our friends from CONVERGE launch XCLSV. This is a new premium personalized service designed for their VIP's and clientele who needs top of the line customer and technical help that's simple, easy and get in a jiffy.

As explained by Ms. Orange Ramirez the  Marketing Manager of Converge, Converge XCLSV is available to existing subscribers from 3500 and up. "This is fast, simple and reliable, top tier services for our valued customers." They have a team dedicated to customer concerns, including fast pass on business centers to prioritize customers right away. There will also be a team servicing repairs, email and geek squad on stand by, assured you will be serviced right away. They will reveal the customer support right away. There is also a quarterly check up, first to know new products and offers, free delivery of add on services, special access to XCLUSV events, less time to worry about internet connection and more time for those who matter most.

What does this mean for existing customers? Choices. Converge services are of course not available 24/7 and with XCLSV, they already know it is you once you initiate contact. Their services (especially having internet connection) should be the least of your concerns. Being in it, you can be asked if you are available within the day, office hours to fix your lines. Regular clients will still receive the usual services they offer, but if you upgrade your plan, you get the speed plus the perks if you are in the 3,500 or 5,000 plan and up. If you are already at 3,500 plan, you will be informed via email and be automatically be part of XCLSV. Thank you to the nice people who also invited us to this grand occasion.

If you want to know more about it, check out ttps:// for more information about it.


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