Get Ready for #SmartFifthHarmony

Thursday, March 30, 2017

If you've been to the ILLUMINATE tour with Shawn Mendes in Manila, get ready for more as #SmartMusicLive presents Fifth Harmony on their 7/27 Tour. 

Fifth Harmony has been loved by Filipinos as they swooned us with their best hits "All In My Head", "Work From Home", "That's My Girl", and my personal favorite "Worth it!" which has topped the charts locally and around the world. They're also one of the most spirited dance girl groups and they've proven that in the US charts as they're still in the most watched dance music videos with millions of views to boot. 

Smart subscribers will have the chance to get first dibs on VIP passes and pre-event happenings while the girls are in the country. When Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui performs in the Philippines, they promise to always bring their A game as they know how passionate we are with music. Make sure you follow Smart's social media channels to get a chance to win tickets and watch the show! That's @livesmart on IG and Twitter, and Smart Communications on Facebook. 

This is gonna be good! Let's try and see if we can cover updates live from the show because I'm using Smart Giga Plans too! Remember, April 5, 2017 at the Mall of Asia Arena! 

New Guy Does "Wanted Sweetheart"

Looks like there's a new guy in town and people are starting to take notice. Why? Well you could see in the photo, he's Barangay LS 97.1’s newest man on board for Wanted Sweetheart, taking the monicker Papa Bol. He hails from down south in General Santos City and did the regional counterpart at Barangay 102.3. In real life, his name is Benjur Evangelista and he takes his craft seriously. His forte is matchmaking and love advice and will start this show broadcasting nationwide Mondays to Fridays at 9 PM. He's replacing the hit show's DJ Papa Dan and is crazy nervous about it. He deems it like filling his shoes, a big one at that but understandable.

Papa Bol as you may understand isn't new to the radio scene, he's been doing this since he lived in General Santos City for 7 years. Born Ilonggo, he gave raidio a try and got pretty good at it. Prior to this, he didn't have real experience on radio. He applied like everyone else and the love for the industry just grew. He loves it so much now. Today, he's going to be a realist, a cool match maker and he has been so successful doing that in the regional station. He plans to take that success nationwide now that he resides in Las Pinas City. He recently has also gotten thanked by people who met on his program, a mark of success he says that he hopes to multiply now that he's on board LSFM.

He is single by the way and if you want to catch him, just tune in 9-12AM Mondays to Fridays at Barangay LS 97.1 GMA's Flagship Radio Station. He's got tough competition though, you know who. And I listen to him a lot, I wonder if he's gonna be of a challenge. Let's see!

DC Girls, Justice League in Mc Donalds Happy Meal Part 2

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Okay, so this is kinda Part 2 of the DC Girls Justice League post I had here. For your viewing pleasure, I got these toys and took photos of them so you know what you're getting in every box of Mc Donalds Happy Meal. I had so much fun with the Batman figure which you already read in my first post, now enjoy the other cast members which you can still get at til the end of March.

Zoom up down left or right, look up on the sky and it's Supergirl. You can comb her hair while doing those action stunts and still make her look pretty while battling the forces of evil.

You can't say it's a Justice League pose without Hawkman in the group. Let him spread his wings and fly through your room and still get through tight spaces because it folds back.

Nobody could do it like Wonder Woman, so stay away monsters because she'll hit you back when you hurt this Amazon woman. You should also tell the truth because she's got her trusty Magic Lasso on her belt. She'll know if you lied.

Swoosh and swoosh and swoosh with real sound with this Superman toy. Just turn on the switch on his side and you'll hear him swoosh by when you move him around. I would have loved him but he's no Batman :)

If you want to dress up just like Hawkman, you can use these Hawkman glasses just for kicks. I look awesome in it right?

Okay I look silly wearing the Wonder Woman Head Band but it can keep my hair off my face quite well. It does the job especially for kids with long hair LOL

Supergirl also did lend us her Supergirl Headband. Now no more hair going to your face while talking to people. If it fits me, it'll fit any head I'm sure because my head is too big, I have a big brain LOL

For those of you who would want to get this, it's available in all Mc Donald's stores nationwide. Just ask them what they have on stock because some of these are probably gone already especially Batman and Superman. 

Have a happy day!


Too Hot? Grab Oishi Great Lakes Today!

When it's hot outside and you can't stand the heat, the last thing you would want to do is prepare powdered juices, ice, mixing them up and make a mess on your kitchen. Aside from that, powdered juices seem to have too much sugar in them. No matter how much natural they say they are, it just doesn't feel good and it tastes so artificial. Good thing there's Great Lakes from OISHI!

They've got in two sizes, one in the 1 Liter pack (my favorite since I have a big family) and the other in handy dandy 250 ml bricks which you can bring anywhere like school, the office, or the lovely outdoors.

Best of all, these things are all natural, 100% JUICE (except the Red Grape variant because you will get drunk if that is 100% so they kept it at 50% hahah). 

My personal favorite is this Pure Pressed Apple Juice because it's so good and feels like you're just eating apples without the usual fruit pulp. As the name says, it's all natural and has added Vitamin C on all of them. So if you don't want to get sick and need the amount of Vitamin C for today, you know how to get it with one serving of OISHI Great Lakes! 

Dad loves this a lot because it has several fruits and Carrot which he needs. Carrots are filled with Vitamin A which would be good for the eyes. Add to that the other fruits that are included in this one like Grapefruit, Orange, Pineapple, you've got like a whole bowl of fruit salad in one pack. Isn't that healthy?

Mom loves this Tropical Blend Fruit Mix because it's got Mango, Papaya, Calamansi, Pineapple and Orange. This doesn't have artificial colors, flavors or sweetener. You're assured of a very healthy drink which you need this summer!

As if that wasn't good enough, they've got Just Right 50% Red Grape Juice too. I love this because it tastes like the usual real grapes because it is made from real grapes. It's sweet and a little tangy, and I'm sure there's no added preservatives on this one just like the other variants. 

Now you know what's best for you right? Get the brand that's got real juice, no preservatives, no artificial colors and a lot of Vitamin C. That's what you'll get in every pack of Oishi Great Lakes! I'm actually drinking one right now. Just add tons of ice, and we're good to go! It's available in all leading groceries and stores nationwide!


L.A. Santos Launches Self Titled Album Under Star Music

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

He's new, he's viral, he's fresh, and he's got good music. Best of all, he's a miracle. He is LA Santos, the same boy who was featured in Rated K who weathered tons of trials in his life and his family, but now is making headlines as he launches his own self titled album under Star Music.

I remember his Mom say a couple of days ago how much it has helped in his condition, he had ADHD and autism at a very young age and music has helped him. The art has gotten him to concentrate well, eventually making him look better, normal and exceptional because he can model, and sing like a champion. I too probably had ADHD when I was a kid so I can relate. It could be a bit difficult but what I think it needs most is unconditional love and care which he received quite well from his Mom and siblings.

L.A. says "I'm so happy this happened, I'm glad this press conference feels like it's a birthday celebration rather than an album launch. I even got to record Bruno Mars' When I Was Your Man, the only one permitted to do so in Asia so I'm really thankful! When I was young I always played basketball, but Mr. Gary Cruz my mentor had me singing. I had formal ones like center for pop, star magic, also had the opportunity to do front acts with Stylistics, Patti Austin, the OPM greats where we will have a show on April 29 at Resorts World Manila. Rated K also helped a lot and the message was sent across media and doctors said I don't have a chance to become normal, Mom was there for me and helped me become who I am today. I always do things differently and I don't loke what usual singers do. I can't wait to do mall shows, and be close to the people who would love to hear my music."

His Mom says "I couldn't hide my excitement, people arrived and this event won't be possible without you all. For L.A. I would do anything just like any Mom would do. I am so happy for him, I think emotion could always cure like what parents could give. There is timing, there are tons of activities that I had him enrolled to but it was music that made him very happy. Now he's singing and grown to be who he is right now."

Jonathan Manalo of Star Music adds "When he auditioned, we heard him in his style, he has tons of potential, we knew he will improve even more in the coming years. You saw how he did it live, he has great charisma and can really sing. You just have to wait perhaps next week when the album becomes available in physical and digital stores worldwide."

His story is very inspiring especially for differently abled people with autism. He got cured with a mother's love, diet too and a couple of doctors, plus he is so happy doing his music. If you get the chance, download it or get a copy because the boy is so talented. You'll love how he does cover and the new compositions.

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Kings and Queens of OPM

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Who would believe this would happen? Imagine crooner Marco Sison, holy Rico J. Puno, Kilabot ng mga Kolehiyala Hajji Alejandro, the passionate Eva Eugenio, jukebox diva Imelda Papin and Karen Carpenter of the Philippines Claire Dela Fuente all in one show? Yes it is happening on April 29, 2017 8PM at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila. Now that's a mouthful, but these guys are going to get you to sing along to their timeless OPM hits and dance to the tunes of their beats in the 70's and early 80's where they've ran their careers.

Yes they're the Kings and Queens of OPM and their promise is, they will make this fun for all ages, because this time they will design a playlist for the family. Rico Puno says "We will be naughty as usual, but expect the songs we've sung over the years to be performed there, our venues are always full because of you. We were given free hand in doing our numbers so we might not be as tolerable. We might have disclaimers in concert monitors before the show." Hajji Alejandro says "It's my first grandson's baptism today but I'm thankful the press is here when Star Media asks for your support. If you had fun in our past concerts, we will have more this time because our contemporaries and juke box queens are here. We are still talking about our spot numbers hut we will have duets and trios which people haven't seen yet. This will let you see our camaraderie, even if Rico J is early today we still call him The Late, because he always is LOL! We also have Marco Sison with us and he's just braving the traffic right now, he must have been too busy with his cockfighting." Ms. Imelda Papin adds "Without you we wouldn't be where we are today, so in this concert we will have fun. We might wear two piece bikinis, and our Director is great so you will see a spectacular show!". Ms. Claire Dela Fuente also says "Expect riot, duets, hit songs and go back to opm era plus latest hits when the show happens". 

They will be having LA Santos join them on the show. A young up and coming artist who wants to "entertain" you and make you happy during the concert. LA has a very good story that has something to do with the music of these ladies and gentlemen. He says "This is my first time to work with them and this for me is a different level. I am now with Star Magic and Star Music. I had ADHD and it was difficult, but out of my mothers love, my autism was gone when I was 14. Music has helped me, right from the start and I have focus and I've seen how OPM got me out of it. Being in this place is really surreal for me, it's a dream!"

This will be insane, so for those interested to watch their show... be at Resorts World Manila on April 29, 2017. Tickets will be sold on Ticketworld outlets online and nationwide! 

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1 Peso Per Minute Calls To All Networks with SMART

1Peso per call? Are you crazy? (photo credits to

The minute I saw this announced, my jaw dropped. I'm sure you will too. Changing landscapes in the telecommunication industry is not new to Smart because aside from the best promos, they come up with the best plans on prepaid and postpaid lines. 

Today marks another achievement because they're breaking your habit of calling your friends, your family, the most important people in your life. Smart, TNT and SUN subscribers can now take advantage of SMART Express Call 50. In this plan, you get 50 minutes of all-net calls which are valid for 3 days. That only means it'll cut down the cost of calling on any network. At a cost of Php 1 per minute, you can call them all using Smart Express Call 50 on to top your usual Smart Prepaid offers. They already have the great data GIGABYTE plans and now that this is available, you can spend even less than the usual amount you do when calling them. Friends, Family, Uber drivers, you can stand to save a ton of money because this is definitely cheaper, but still backed by the BIGGEST network in the country.

What's even better is that Smart Postpaid subscribers like me can also enjoy the rates on top of of my existing plan. So for the TNT and SUN Cellular networks, you too will be included in this scheme. Other than that, you can also get the existing TNT and Sun promos with Php 5 for 5 minutes of calls to all networks. Now you can call whenever you need to check on the kids, your friends, your family, the office, the restaurant you want to reserve to, all for Php 1 per minute. This is totally not out of the ordinary, and from the looks of it, they're not stopping there. If you want to know more about it check out the channels below!



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VIVO Turns Over Donations To Habitat for Humanity Philippines

 Last February, Vivo Philippines started a campaign called VIVO Perfect Selfie Cup enjoining several celebrities to have their perfect selfie shots be liked and voted on by their fans and individuals, in a goal to equate them all to the number in pesos and be donated to their chosen charity as part of the company's CSR efforts. This was gladly joined by artists like Yeng Constantino, Erich Gonzales, Jessy Mendiola, Enchong Dee, Andrea Brillantes, Jane Oineza, Sue Ramirez, Miles Ocampo, Maris Racal, and Loisa Andallo and posted on the VIVO Philippines Instagram account while using their newest flagship phone the VIVO V5 Plus. The phone has the world's first 20-megapixel dual front camera which cannot be matched by other phone companies yet and they're raising the bar when taking selfies with these wonderful phones, I've seen the difference myself during their launch a couple months back. 

Vivo brand director Annie Lim and brand executive Christian Jocson turns over the donation to Partnership Manager Francis Hussein Mamasabulod Habitat and Individual Giving Manager Rowena Kakilala of Habitat for Humanity Philippines.
Annie Lim the brand director of Vivo Philippines says “Vivo would like to thank everyone who joined our cause. We at Vivp Philippines would want to help Filipinos to have a better life. We fervently hope to have helped homeless families in the country to get roofs over their head and a neighborhood that thrives, making them productive, resilient people in their community”.

The valid likes amounted to One Hundred One Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty, and the organization is getting the same amount in pesos as promised. Vivo Philippines also awarded brand new Vivo V5 Plus phones to ten lucky participants in the activity too. If you would like to know more about the phones, please visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook page at They also have their Instagram and Twitter account at @vivophil and @vivo_phil respectively.

Congratulations Vivo Philippines! You did good!


Klea Pineda's 18th Birthday

I distinctly remember interviewing Klea Pineda a few weeks after she won as the Ultimate Female Survivor for Starstruck's 6th edition a couple of years ago. She was statuesque, had a very regal smile and was also poised much of a beauty queen. She had the presence of which people who probably judged her on the show must have seen. She worked hard doing the auditions, the daily and weekly tasks to win that show - of which tells how promising this new actress is. She landed a role in Encantadia playing "Muyak" who is a fairy/nymph which have her be noticed of millions of Filipino who watch the show. She was a little sad a couple of months ago because that role had her always in the green room and didn't get to interact with the other actors in the show. But the story, circumstances all changed and now she gets to be with them quite often. A welcome change in Encantadia's gorgeous gal.

We interviewed her a few days ago for #EighteenK, Klea Pineda's turn to be presented to the society. Her theme, was modern bohemian. She invited her family, friends, a couple artists from GMA Artist Center and other celebrities. Now I'm sure that party was going to be successful and fun, but when I asked about who else she wanted to be there, I felt sorry because she suddenly turned and bursted into tears. She wanted to see her grandfather whom she attributed all the hard work she's done over the years. She uttered it would have been better of these blessings were witnessed by him when he were still alive. Obviously, she misses her Grandpa so much. I apologized for making her cry that time, I didn't know things would turn out that way.

She's still wishing for more projects, more gigs and albums in the future. She also wants to make her dream to finally become a beauty queen to come true. I must say, she could already walk, she's smart, gorgeous and can already do this as she is in her prime. She's hungry to achieve this in a couple of years time, and didn't even matter what crown it would be as long as she gets to share her cause as she deeply cares for the elderly. 

She was stunning last night at NOBU Hotel where she celebrated #EighteenK. Photos from the GMA Artist Center were all dreamy, you could tell she was having fun while all her friends, family gathered in this momentous occasion. I was so happy for her; just like her fans would've felt. 

It was so much fun interviewing her at Palm Grill in Tomas Morato, a new restaurant serving great chicken, pizza, pasta. She also wanted to keep her celebration very private and have the most important people in her life be there. I think she got her wish and more. She's just starting people, so if you see Klea Pineda be in future shows and star in her own soap, you shouldn't be surprised at all. She's got it.

Photo Credits: Nice Print Photo, GMA Artist Center, all photos not mine.

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Photos From Smart Music Live with Shawn Mendes

Saturday, March 25, 2017

 I'm not much of a BIG fan but if you're asking, I do love his music. Okay maybe a little LOL! For me, music transcends personalities or generations so when the chance to see Shawn Mendes arrived, I was so excited! This is part of his ILLUMINATE tour and is sponsored by SMART. Smart Music Live has been bringing in artists from around the world and sponsoring their shows here in the Philippines. They've done that numerous times and I'm sure this won't be the last. (To tell you another surprise, Fifth Harmony is coming to the Philippines courtesy again of Smart Music Live!) I personally love his songs TREAT YOU BETTER, STITCHES and MERCY. I was there to listen to him just like the rest of his fans but I saw something even BIGGER. You couldn't even see spaces in between seats because darn, the whole Mall of Asia Arena was packed to the brim!

Shawn Mendes was charming, always talked to the crowd between songs and just a glimpse of him back stage meant you'll have to cover your ears because these millennials are not letting each sighting go, they screamed like it was the end of the world!

The Canadian born singer is good looking, his hair was perfect, his face was like a boy who wanted care, girls wanted to take care of him LOL

I even think they took notice of his arms, this boy next door wasn't just talented, he was gorgeous.

He played my favorites and I just lost it. I sat down and sang along with him in my head. Everybody else was singing loudly, I couldn't even see him during the first song because almost everyone didn't stand up from their seats, they stood up ON THEIR SEATS! It was crazy that the SM Marshalls had to tell them to go down so people at the back could watch!

There was one part of the show where he also told the crowd that people from Manila actually are good singers, so he had them sing out part of the songs, it was awesome!

He sat down on the piano, took his time to sing a few songs in this setup and made us swoon, I think that's Shawn's magic working.

That's just a bit of how it is to LIVE SMART. Thank you so much to the folks at Smart Communications for bringing in SHAWN MENDES to Manila, Philippines. I'm sure this won't be the last time we're seeing world class artists arrive on our shores. All photos on this post is brought to you by Smart Communications. Thanks for sharing us your shots!


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