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Monday, March 06, 2017

My sincere apologies for not publishing this sooner as I just saw this on my drafts today. I made this around a month ago but I'm sure you'll be glad to know that Osaka Osho is expanding their menu. Apart from their super good Gyoza, innovation is on their bloodline so this is but a welcome thing. They constantly want to outdo themselves and I felt that's exactly why they are doing this, off of their success in the Bacon and Cheese Gyoza which they introduced a few months back. 

Matcha Butter Tonkatsu

This is the Matcha Butter Tonkatsu. This would be a dream for Matcha lovers, if you love gooey sauce coming out of the chicken Tonkatsu slice, that's exactly what you'll get. The chicken cutlet also tastes so good with the Tonkatsu sasuce served on the plate and a heaping cup of white rice. It's fusion, American, Japanese, Filipino, all in one.

Salmon Cheese Aburi
Deep fried Salmon Cheese Aburi could be good to start the meal. It's much like an appetizer or finger food. I actually like this one a lot.

Truffle Gyoza
For the love of gawd and everything Gyoza, I love Truffle. I like it on pasta, I like it on Cheese dishes, but putting it on Truffle is just something else. It's like a miracle waiting to happen and when you have it in your mouth, you just question yourself why you didn't do this in the first place. It wasn't just good, the Truffle Gyoza was heavenly!

Gyoza Tiantianmien
Another thing to have this rainy weather. Super good.

Black Pepper Gyudon
I was already trying not to eat rice but this Black Pepper Gyudon deserves my attention. It's a little spicy, and full of that black pepper goodness in each spoonful. The caramelized onions, the white rice just complements it all. 

Nori Nachos
I thought this wasn't going to work, but actually, it did. The deep sea flavor in the Nori Wrapper, the crunchiness, the sauce, the mayo makes this one of the surprising items on the menu.

Chori Gyoza

Surprisingly, this is a little Spanish. The Chori Gyoza wreaks of the smoky Spanish chorizo with the special Gyoza meat Osaka Osho serves on a normal day. I think this is done to pay homage to that Chori Burger known made in Boracay, an island off the Visayas Region. You must order this!

Japanese Paella
Almost the same ingredients but with miso. It's Japanese and Spanish in the mix. Hearty and perfect for the cold weather, you can have this Japanese Paella for lunch or dinner. It'll make you warm, fuzzy and totally full. 

Chicken Enokiyaki
As the name suggests, this is Chicken wrapped around Mushrooms. It's got a sweet, soy based sauce that could get you hugging the bowl of white rice a couple of times that's also perfect for kids. If you're guilty of the Bacon version, this one should get you your protein fix and Japanese flair in one dish.

Osaka Osho has got branches at the 3rd Floor of SM Mega Fashion Hall, Basement of SM The Block and Greenhills Promenade. Try it today if you can!


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