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Saturday, March 04, 2017

I was really excited about this show and just one word of runway or CONVERSE means I'm there! Courtesy of our friends from the well loved street wear brand, we got a seat somewhere in the crowd and played comfy. Took my DSLR for a run again and tried to shoot even from afar, so I really apologize for the heads on the shots... as it was really packed there and we can't do anything about that. Converse just came out with really good Gum Soles and reflective ones a couple of months back, but this was more of a showcase on what they can do in movies, fashion shows with whatever the models would wear. From long gowns, to funky headdresses, from sleek to puffy dresses, they still rock the look because Converse can fit anywhere. 

As partners of the program, FOSSIL (the watch brand) also showcased their latest designs and got a few models to wear them. I think I saw Ms. Sutton who wore yellow somewhere there. It was a pretty cool thing to start the event off.

The show was hosted by social butterfly Tessa Prieto Valdes and Vince Velasco. No there's no generation gap, but Ms. Tessa wanted to wear 5 inch Converse heels if there was time. They were fun! They also started to give away the best dressed awards before the continuation of the runway show. Benjamin Alvez and sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose got the title, quite fit to get that.

Then the runway show opened with Jodily Pendre, who missed Asia's Next Top model by a hairline.

Hey that's Luke Jickain!

I think this guy is an actor from ABSCBN, I'm sorry I forgot his name as of this writing. :(

Show stopper, this is Andre Chang.

She got slapped on TV, but she's here!

This one is cute, they came out from other ends of the stage and when the guy came in, he held her hand.

This one is JAPA NICE.

I haven't interviewed this lady yet, I was told she is Lauren Reid. You guessed it.

Gorgeous Klea Pineda, a GMA artist.

This would look good on me :)

Then Cary Santiago had us gasp at her masterpiece, all three of them!

Even Tessa Prieto felt it was good.

Then suddenly, there she was. 6th Place Miss Universe Maxene Medina.

Now I too am loving my own pair of Chucks and got the Gum Sole variety in Blue. Formal, casual, or just about any day, a good pair of CONVERSE should always be in your mind. You know you want to do it, what is it that's stopping you?

Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did!


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