DC Girls, Justice League in Mc Donalds Happy Meal Part 2

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Okay, so this is kinda Part 2 of the DC Girls Justice League post I had here. For your viewing pleasure, I got these toys and took photos of them so you know what you're getting in every box of Mc Donalds Happy Meal. I had so much fun with the Batman figure which you already read in my first post, now enjoy the other cast members which you can still get at til the end of March.

Zoom up down left or right, look up on the sky and it's Supergirl. You can comb her hair while doing those action stunts and still make her look pretty while battling the forces of evil.

You can't say it's a Justice League pose without Hawkman in the group. Let him spread his wings and fly through your room and still get through tight spaces because it folds back.

Nobody could do it like Wonder Woman, so stay away monsters because she'll hit you back when you hurt this Amazon woman. You should also tell the truth because she's got her trusty Magic Lasso on her belt. She'll know if you lied.

Swoosh and swoosh and swoosh with real sound with this Superman toy. Just turn on the switch on his side and you'll hear him swoosh by when you move him around. I would have loved him but he's no Batman :)

If you want to dress up just like Hawkman, you can use these Hawkman glasses just for kicks. I look awesome in it right?

Okay I look silly wearing the Wonder Woman Head Band but it can keep my hair off my face quite well. It does the job especially for kids with long hair LOL

Supergirl also did lend us her Supergirl Headband. Now no more hair going to your face while talking to people. If it fits me, it'll fit any head I'm sure because my head is too big, I have a big brain LOL

For those of you who would want to get this, it's available in all Mc Donald's stores nationwide. Just ask them what they have on stock because some of these are probably gone already especially Batman and Superman. 

Have a happy day!


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