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Saturday, March 18, 2017

A few people have already asked me today, "what's that on your wrist?" pointing at what seems to be something unusual other than the watches I've been wearing in events. I do get tired of the usual classic dials, mechanical and G-Shock watches which I wear on normal days.  Men don't really have options and I'm so glad I've stumbled upon Renan Mendoza's child project called Neptune's Trove.

As the name suggests, it's like a place where the king of the sea keeps his treasure. It's an apt description of these accessories that have been built by passion. He's been doing this for years now, and I have high respects to SME's that cater to men's accessories (especially startups) so when I saw his work, I felt so connected with it. I fell in love with the bracelets.  

Neptune's Trove can be ordered online via their Facebook page here. They also have this out in the market via UniQube PH (Third Floor University Mall in Taft Avenue, Manila), Style Central Concept Store (at 410 N.S. Amoranto Sr. Avenue, QC), the Shopee app (which I regularly use), Trend Zonia (very near San Sebastian College), Style Metro Boutique + Bistro (at Upper Ground, 20 Lansbergh Place, 170 Tomas Morato Ave. cor Scout Castor, Quezon City), Curators PH (Uptown Mall BGC) and @neptunestrove on IG and Viber via 09162117267. What I like most about it is that he doesn't complicate ordering these products and goes the mile neatly packing each item so it gets to you fast, and looking just like in these photos.

This paracord bracelet alternating black and blue with an accent crown in the middle is called AQUA. It's art of the Naturalis Collection that he made to signify the elements Air, Wood, Water (this one), Fire and Nature as accorded by it's color. It's arranged in a series of snake knots and this one looks exquisite whether you plan to wear something casual or for your summer outfits. It's stylish, and I would have been fooled to pay for this a little more than a thousand bucks, but no, his wares are actually affordable. You have the option to buy a lot from his store and get a variety of styles and colors even if you only had 500 pesos on your pocket. No joke!

Leather Bracelet with a Magnetic Clasp
The technology on these accessories just simply astounds me. The magnetic clasp sticks together with minimal effort and is available in Dark Brown, Light Brown, White and Black (my personal favorite). It's a bit more sleek, thinner in form so if you're a bit dressed up (coat and tie) you might as well have this underneath those sleeves. You can put them off and on easy too because it doesn't take that much force to pull them apart. This sticks together quite well especially on the core so don't worry too much if you have it on. Made with cowhide leather, this one connects already by the sheer mention of cow, kidding! But really, if you wanna stay classy, take this one on a date or a more formal look.

This is Molten. He combines hematite and onyx so it looks like it's on different shades of gray and black. He was inspired by the industrial era and metallic elements hence this look. For those who want it a tad shiny without being beady femme, this would definitely do.

I feel comfortable, and can imagine wearing this in casual events. Plus I believe it's even going to make you healthy as people say it charges the cells and promotes better blood circulation. Hematite has got a bit of magnet and perhaps that would do wonders for those who need it. They've got other things on the bead bracelet line, so head on to Neptune's Trove on Facebook, IG and check out the new things they have in store for you.

I've had the pleasure of wearing this Anchor Bracelet a couple of times now. The first one I had was in a different color and I was actually confused at first on how to wear it. Now the packaging includes short instructions which you need to make sure you do the adjustments right. It definitely will call attention because people love anything nautical. The Anchor is pretty symbolic too and people who get this should know who keeps them grounded, the special people in their life. That tells a lot of your personality, after all, you are what you wear! The fine design, all handmade, as they took their time making this special for you. You can feel the workmanship and care they put in each paracord and leather bracelet they made today.

Men need not to be too afraid to experiment. I've learned that years ago. You need to edit and don't be too eager because you might go overboard. Accessorizing should be simple, let them all shine in their own way, but remember these things only enhance your looks. These will look good on you because I've tried and tested them myself. You can even combine, switch them, tear them apart and whip up a new one and it's still going to look good on you. All you need to do now is feel which one fits your personality and get it from Neptune's Trove. I took the liberty of sharing their channels below, trust me, these things are not expensive. They are just in the right price point. Ladies, think of your husbands, boyfriends, male friends that would be happy to see these as gifts. Guys, you know you love these, take a few and put it on for kicks okay?!


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