1 Peso Per Minute Calls To All Networks with SMART

Sunday, March 26, 2017

1Peso per call? Are you crazy? (photo credits to http://www.mancor.org)

The minute I saw this announced, my jaw dropped. I'm sure you will too. Changing landscapes in the telecommunication industry is not new to Smart because aside from the best promos, they come up with the best plans on prepaid and postpaid lines. 

Today marks another achievement because they're breaking your habit of calling your friends, your family, the most important people in your life. Smart, TNT and SUN subscribers can now take advantage of SMART Express Call 50. In this plan, you get 50 minutes of all-net calls which are valid for 3 days. That only means it'll cut down the cost of calling on any network. At a cost of Php 1 per minute, you can call them all using Smart Express Call 50 on to top your usual Smart Prepaid offers. They already have the great data GIGABYTE plans and now that this is available, you can spend even less than the usual amount you do when calling them. Friends, Family, Uber drivers, you can stand to save a ton of money because this is definitely cheaper, but still backed by the BIGGEST network in the country.

What's even better is that Smart Postpaid subscribers like me can also enjoy the rates on top of of my existing plan. So for the TNT and SUN Cellular networks, you too will be included in this scheme. Other than that, you can also get the existing TNT and Sun promos with Php 5 for 5 minutes of calls to all networks. Now you can call whenever you need to check on the kids, your friends, your family, the office, the restaurant you want to reserve to, all for Php 1 per minute. This is totally not out of the ordinary, and from the looks of it, they're not stopping there. If you want to know more about it check out the channels below!



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