Levis Orange Tab Comes Back!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

We've all worn Levi's in our lifetime and most probably, it's one of those red tab Levi's 501 Jeans that's got that perfect fit even if you've worn it everyday, you stay happy. Did you know that there's actually an Orange Tab back in the 60's? Oh yes that's a fact, it was a time of psychedelic colors, where it was all shaped by the cultural, social and political changes of that time. The generation then wanted to break out from the norm and make their own identity. The vibe was individualism. It was then when tattered, tailored, embroidered and patched clothing were being experimented on, not care in the world that they would look like that and become the mark of that era. 

Levi’s made the Orange Tab collection initially to include bell bottoms and still good boot cut jeans where details were so fancy that seeing pocket stitching was becoming normal.They are recreating these looks and made it to future apt aesthetics and making use of functional designs useful for everyday work. They concentrated on appropriate fabrics and finishes using technology unheard of back then, and a unique dyeing so you would look like you're wearing legitimate clothes way back when. You'll see those hues, the color, and vintage qualities become clothes. You will love the vintage look!

You'll see the women's line with double fell inseams, wide belt loops and the scoop and coin pocket for a vintage Boyfriend look. Men on the other hand comes with a zip front and elastic waist following the vintage shades and colors that generation was known for. I would be excited to see it re-done now.

Come to Levis stores nationwide and try on a pair of new Orange Tab, or just visit http://www.levi.com.ph. Start fitting on stores now as they come out with these on the racks of every store or kiosk made for Levi's.

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