Loisa Andalio Endorses Ever Bilena

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

This is their 34th year and Ever Bilena is not stopping in beautifying Filipina women as they bring fresh, confident and beautiful Loisa Andalio as their newest endorser. This comes as welcome news to people who patronize the brand as teens and millenials deem this one of the most affordable but quality cosmetic products in the country.

"I used this since I was in high school and when I got the news that I was the brand ambassador, I was super happy. I was ecstatic even more too because now I don't have to buy make up (she kids). I am so excited to be free (with limits from my parents) and I'm more focused on my career and it is my priority. I'm delighted to be chosen among the celebrities who are also in my age. I'm a simple teenager that can be reached by my peers, I'm not perfect, I'm not too beautiful but I want to inspire and influence the youth to take these imperfections and be proud of it. I hope I get blessings I deserve, and for the people I love to be happy. I go to 4 things like the press powder, eyebrow pencil, blush and matte moby lipstick that are in pink nude shade. In formal occasions, I do brown black makeup, and do it in 30 minutes. It's easy and I don't have any secrets, it's just Youtube and Ever Bilena. I also wish people would get to watch me on April 29 at Lo18a: A Birthday Concert at the Music Museum as I'm very excited for that!" -Loisa Andalio 

This is a treat partnership between Loisa and us because we feel her supporters even buy a lot because they tag the brand if they buy lipsticks, eye makeup, concealers, and she will be everywhere including the new Ever Bilena TV commercial called A Day In The Life. You should watch how Loisa shows how she transforms into the new, young and hip Loisa Andalio now that she is 18! - said the Ever Bilena Executives.

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