Annam by Namnam Noode Bar Singapore Opens 2nd Branch in RWM

Monday, March 06, 2017

One of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants in Manila just opened their 2nd branch at Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila. People will like the Pho's, the different kind of Banh Mi's and some new items on the menu. Known for the quality and freshness of their food, Annam takes this opportunity to grow their market and take this part of the south by storm. We loved their Pho's in Eastwood and they are serving the same in this joint, but they informed me that they have changed a lot on their menu lately to cater to a more Filipino palate.

 Executives of Annam and Resorts World Manila were all there to welcome the press and a couple of patrons. Mind you, the price of their food have not changed even in this location. They have deemed it important to make the food affordable despite the high quality ingredients they put to it.

The place can sit around 80-100 people in laid back well upholstered oriental wrought iron chairs and a couple of bunk chairs in the middle. Service is okay, they were a little overwhelmed at first but it'll probably be normal on normal days. They are situated right beside the fountain area and right outside the east play area entrance. So if you get hungry, you know where to go.

They knew how Filipinos wouldn't make just noodles to sufficiently be called as lunch or dinner, so they whipped up fragrant rice dishes too. This is patterned to Corm Tam or Broken Rice in their language and I like the Turmeric Chicken and Pork variant because it's got that gingery spice kick which you can enjoy with shrimp paste. Make sure you get a little bit of everything on the spoon before you chow down.

 They also spruced up the Banh Mi on the menu which includes the lovely Salmon, made with fresh ingredients of course! I take out the flat leaf parsley, (because I'm no cilantro guy), but it still is surprisingly good even without it. The crusty bread, the liver pate, it was just perfection. So make sure to choose your favorite meat ingredients because they do it quite nicely.

They also have this Pomelo Salad. I would order this if I had more space in my stomach. It's so fresh and crunchy!

This is like their Bao, made with pork, sweet and savory. 

Pork and Shrimp, which you can order so it arrives first as an appetizer.

Oh and if you have the urge to have something refreshing, they've got a line of drinks for you. I like the lychee and lime combination but the other people on my table wanted the ones with red bean on it and raved about it too. 

If you're around Resorts World Manila and want simple fresh meals, make sure you drop by Newport Mall and get your Pho and Banh Mi fix from Annam by Namnam Noodle Bar of Singapore. It's good, it's fresh and doesn't cost that much compared with other restaurants in RWM. You just have to go.


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