No Rules Just Style Sessions with MoodBoard Manila and Cat Arambulo

Sunday, March 19, 2017

I attended a luncheon over at BGC for the Mood Board Manila talk with Cat Arambulo. My sincere apologies for not writing sooner because this for me is such a difficult subject to talk about (had 4 revisions lol). I'm engineer by profession and in the past we only touched quite a little about interior design. Cat Arambulo talked about how important it is to basically make your design decisions about yourself. It is important that when other people see your room, it's a representation of your aesthetics and what you want people to see when they see your room. 

Now I'm not of that type, I feel ancient and NEVER had people look at my room because of the mess I make everyday. I think I'm sick, I hoard things, but still think I live quite a minimal life. Though I'm quite glad Mood Board Manila makes it easy for anyone to solve that problem. They've got professionals you can consult with, and interior designers to take care of your needs. I might eventually need to be one of their clients.

Putting their money where their mouth is, Mood Board Manila transformed a small space on the 2nd Floor of La Creperie in BGC into a personal space. I was impressed how they could turn bare walls into elegant classy murals, complete with wall sconces and a fire place with winter country home accents I'd be glad to have on my space. At this day and age, this should be something like a necessity especially for condo dwellers and make this a benchmark for all other future projects. Planning well would make Manila a great place to live in if that happens. 

Cat explains “You must remember that When you talk about your space, it’s going to be all about you. It’s about your personality, like When you’re into fashion and you're the kind that enjoy the details of clothing, style, or trend, you can put all the concepts into how you should decorate your space. Whether you want to take it to another level, it depends on your character, your preferred color palette, like when you dress up for an occasion. Right now, the colors Copper, Rose Gold, Green and Marble are on trend. If you have no idea what to do, but like one color, you can do it in five different textures. Do something silky, leathery, suede or even fluffy. It puts in drama and character to a room, you can stick to that idea."

MoodBoard Manila's interior designer Kristel Poyaoan gave us a survey to identify what style would work for us. She quirps “You need to know at least what a client's preference is, what appeals to them and what they usually respond to and why because at moodboardMANILA, the client's satisfaction is premier. Our job at MoodBoard Manila is to interpret them, put these things into life because the last thing we would want to happen is getting all boxed up. If you desire to be diverse, we can do that and pick pieces that would depict harmony, to make your space lively, and be the spot you would want to have a retreat to after a long day at work. It has to be a space that reflects who you are."

For those who would want to ask questions or know more about their services, you may send them an email via or call 09177726273. Thanks MoodBoard Manila for having us at their event! I learned a lot and might have to pickup a lot to throw to the bin in my room after that talk LOL!


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