Photos From Smart Music Live with Shawn Mendes

Saturday, March 25, 2017

 I'm not much of a BIG fan but if you're asking, I do love his music. Okay maybe a little LOL! For me, music transcends personalities or generations so when the chance to see Shawn Mendes arrived, I was so excited! This is part of his ILLUMINATE tour and is sponsored by SMART. Smart Music Live has been bringing in artists from around the world and sponsoring their shows here in the Philippines. They've done that numerous times and I'm sure this won't be the last. (To tell you another surprise, Fifth Harmony is coming to the Philippines courtesy again of Smart Music Live!) I personally love his songs TREAT YOU BETTER, STITCHES and MERCY. I was there to listen to him just like the rest of his fans but I saw something even BIGGER. You couldn't even see spaces in between seats because darn, the whole Mall of Asia Arena was packed to the brim!

Shawn Mendes was charming, always talked to the crowd between songs and just a glimpse of him back stage meant you'll have to cover your ears because these millennials are not letting each sighting go, they screamed like it was the end of the world!

The Canadian born singer is good looking, his hair was perfect, his face was like a boy who wanted care, girls wanted to take care of him LOL

I even think they took notice of his arms, this boy next door wasn't just talented, he was gorgeous.

He played my favorites and I just lost it. I sat down and sang along with him in my head. Everybody else was singing loudly, I couldn't even see him during the first song because almost everyone didn't stand up from their seats, they stood up ON THEIR SEATS! It was crazy that the SM Marshalls had to tell them to go down so people at the back could watch!

There was one part of the show where he also told the crowd that people from Manila actually are good singers, so he had them sing out part of the songs, it was awesome!

He sat down on the piano, took his time to sing a few songs in this setup and made us swoon, I think that's Shawn's magic working.

That's just a bit of how it is to LIVE SMART. Thank you so much to the folks at Smart Communications for bringing in SHAWN MENDES to Manila, Philippines. I'm sure this won't be the last time we're seeing world class artists arrive on our shores. All photos on this post is brought to you by Smart Communications. Thanks for sharing us your shots!


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