Wrangler Outs 2017 Collection with True Wanderer Jericho Rosales

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Set in the center of Trinoma Mall Activity Center, they put up a three level stage for the WRANGLER 2017 collection. It was massive, which made me realize they're doing a runway show and perhaps some tricks with the big bikes that were on display that afternoon.

Clothes were composed of denim like fabric for the shirts, a little acid washed, some plaid, leather and a few jackets. 

There are also several activities in the venue including VR games and small promos.

I specifically like this jacket and I'm going back to the store to get this. If it looks good on the model, it will look good on me haha!

There were several motorcycles on display and it probably would mean someone is going to use it. Your guess is as good as mine.

They got Jeff Ortega, Sabs &Poy to talk about their new campaign called True Wanderer. Just post on Facebook (set to public) today until April 19 the reason why you think you are an Open Road Hero. Use the hashtags #TrueWanderer and #Live2Wander and tag @wranglerph to make your entry valid. You get the chance to win thousands worth of WRANGLER merchandise and cash. Then they started the fashion show.

This is Spring Summer so the 2017 collection are light shirts, not much layers, bright colors. Then the mystery guy surfaced!

It's Jericho Rosales in the flesh!

He's part of the True Wanderer campaign this year and he told us about how fortunate he was to actually experience seeing the guys and gal in their element. They spent a few weeks outdoors and even got to learn from each other's experiences. Then they continued the show.

Congratulations WRANGLER! Those clothes look fine, the show was awesome - and it was nice to see Echo in his new persona (which I totally get). I bet the ladies swooned seeing him.


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