Daily Moo's 09292010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let me just get this out of my system okay?!

I freakin hate the Catholic Church in the Philippines. Whoever made that notion of civil disobedience should be shot and hanged at stake. I don't care if you are an archbishop or bishop, and this is not the freakin Spanish era where you guys are like gods! You are so st#&&! Freakin st*#&$!

Ok rant off... well almost! Hahah!

I think I want to go to Cosplay X this Saturday at SMX. It looks like conventions like these are going to be a great place to shoot subjects. I want portraits but it is a little crowded in places like these. I hate seeing people walking around the subject when I'm shooting. Maybe I'll stay around a wall and ask them to pose there instead. I was thinking of getting some of these people on my portfolio since I really like Anime. I still watch lots of them until now. Maybe if I borrow some of their big swords I can go to Manila Cathedral and slash that priest into pieces. I really hate him huh?! LOL

I probably should go out after that on Saturday. I don't know where I'm going yet but I'm sure if Fort or Morato is still open I might end up there. It'll be a little far though but I think I can handle it. Now if we put those priests in the rotunda of Morato and let them be hit by tomatoes by everyone who hate what they said to the President of this republic, we'll have lots of tomato sauce for lunch tomorrow. Wouldn't that be another thing to rival the tomatillo in Spain? After all they are acting like friars! Hahah! No getting over that!

Christmas is near. I wonder how many Catholics have decided not to go to church anymore. I wonder where I'll contact CBCP and show them a thing or two on what to say next time. I wonder when they'll accept that they are wrong. I wonder when they'll know how insensitive they think they are after all these are out in the open. I think I should put up a fan page just for them.

Rant off. The last thing I need is stress. I'm getting involved in this too much. =)

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Storage Options

I have a lot of things in my mind right now and I'm not surprised. The hours I spend with work and photography has been really stressful. I chose this life and I'm not complaining. It's just that I'm running out of time. I have to get all my things out so I can get them to our home in the south. I wish we had something like what a storage company has so I wouldn't have any problems while I'm in between places. I'm nervous about putting the large furniture, filing cabinet, and some office paraphernalia elsewhere when I could have had it somewhere secure. Transportation services should have been easy for me too but I guess that goes with living in this side of the world. We don't have the comfort of living easy with services like that and I wish there was some way we can do this. Life isn't really that easy without it!

Apart from that realization, I'm beginning to think that I am at least lucky finding out something about it. At least I'm the one informed. Having these things would have made getting in and out of our home in the metro easier. We're not that lucky though to have everything organized and stored in one place first before we can get to move them. The logistics really would be another story. If in the near future they would actually be here; not just those trucking and transfer companies we seldom get... this city would be a better place. I wouldn't have to do move out if things were easy! You know what I mean! Peace of mind is priceless!

Do you rent places? Have you moved from one place to another? What problems did you encounter while moving? Let me know please!


Daily Moo's 09282010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's EQUILUX today. The day where we almost have perfect 12 hours of day and 12 hours night. This only happens twice a year. Do we really have to say that?! LOL

Makati still has that building leaking with gas. That's the west tower building. It's been like that since July. They probably are going to wait until someone dies or if the building explodes. That would be a nice way to start the New Year celebration! Yay!

I lost my passport. Mom found it. Thank God for Moms! I won't be able to go out of the country if that happens. It's also painful to get an appointment with DFA nowadays. It would take you two to three months just to get one. The same to renew and if you lost your passport. Couldn't they just do it in a few days?! These people should have one day processing procedures, this is just crazy! I still hate you DFA!

There are still thousands of buses in EDSA that are considered colorum. If you saw the 3 which made me late for work last night please burn them down. Good thing I needed to stay late at the office so I could submit some papers.

Antonio Margarito is training hard to beat Manny Pacquiao. He's definitely taller and bigger in built but Pacquiao already did beat a lot of superstars with the same predicament. I wonder if Manny loses, this virtually unknown fighter would get a lot of money for sure!

Philippine Economy is picking up. We're having record highs in the stockmarket. If I could just sell my stocks on a high price then it would be great. Hope my broker won't be sleeping by that time. He sold my old stocks before then the day after it rose a couple of pesos, that was one bad deal and I hope he won't repeat that deed anytime soon!

I don't have any hitches now with the trip I'm planning. Although it would cost me a lot I think it's okay since my folks can enjoy something like this. Now where do I get the shopping money now... heheh donations anyone?! (^_^)v


Is it Quality or Quantity?

My photos are important and I have them all archived for copyright purposes. For any photographer, it is important to keep records of your shots to protect yourself and your clients. I have been a little skeptical about my ability to do this on my own. I don't even have the capability to do this on a large scale. Data is important in my line of work too and I have more than one backup hard drive apart from media that I have in storage. I can't be too sure in this day and age because when all else fails it's the important documents that could save me. I previously have some that I stored in CD and DVD disks but they all went bad after getting left on the dashboard. I can't rely on cheap media and not think about quality first. This is much like what CQ Duplication and Multimedia has! They might not be the least priced out in the market but they never sacrifice quality. This is one trait that makes them impressive in my dictionary. How else would you keep customers coming back for more of your services if you stay sub standard.

Most services on Video to DVD - Queensland has are great. Others don't think about what consumers would say after they get home and use the discs themselves. I personally have experience with this when I was giving away gifts for a wedding. The music and video kept skipping and there were a lot of complaints from my clients too. I know it was a little humiliating to just stand there and watch. It was one of the few moments when I thought about getting professional services for these things because a good company that would be able to produce superior quality Film to DVD - Queensland copies is surely going to be better than just purchasing cheap sub standard ones. Thanks to people who care about quality over quantity you'll know how important it is to only go for the best when your products are out. The China made ones are cheap but every time you make them you sometimes have to pray hard that nothing ever goes wrong with it (no pun intended; I'm just keeping it real!).

Is it quality or quantity? Which one would you choose?! Let me know!


Daily Moo's 09272010

I heard lots of praises for Charice's performance in Glee Season 2 (as Sunshine Corazon). They were all impressed by her powerful voice. In real life she's also got a crush on the guy in the wheelchair. I heard that guy is an awesome dancer too, but how come they restricted him to that chair?! Charice would like to thank everyone but she's down with the flu. She didn't attend an important gathering yesterday. It was a benefit for cancer research I think but it looks like they didn't see her there. I hope they still contributed even if she didn't go.

I've never ever ridden the Pasig River ferry until that Saturday we went on a photowalk. It was nice overall and I have nothing but praises. I just wish there was still something that we could do to rehabilitate it. It would really be a nice way to show Manila to tourists. If we maybe have some things done there much like in Bohol where restaurants are also on floating rafts, that would be really nice to see. Stop the pollution and we're gonna have a better river. The view is very different from where we were at that time. If only people flock that place and see for themselves, it would really be nice for them to tell other people what I saw. =) I'm hopeful this will turn out well in a few years.

The date I had this weekend was fun. I felt a little shy at first because we didn't talk that much about things. We watched The Guardians. It was cute. Not Academy Award material but it was so close to happy feet the owls literally looked like penguins. It was just cute nothing more. But what I enjoyed most was the times I attempted to hold hands. She was pretty, I was cute, what more can I ask for in a dark movie house haha!

Now you're not thinkin what I'm thinkin huh!? LOL!



My cousins are in Philadelphia working as nurses. Pizza as we fondly call her is working for the hospital as part of the team that handles the Intensive Care Unit. Pie her twin is working for the Emergency Room staff. You often mistake one for the other since they are very identical. I felt awkward when they visit me and I couldn't tell them apart. Their fashion sense is not as laid back as most of those who work there. I often see those girls wearing great colors and they never hold back. I think they got that idea here since scrubs were commonly seen and worn by the most fashionable people last year. They never hesitate to jazz up the ordinary nurse uniforms. I don't blame them because you often see great ones on line. They also come with the corresponding scrub pants too because getting one is such a breeze! Imagine Fashion + Health Care = Bliss!

If I'm going to get them anything this Christmas season then this would probably be one of the choices. I'd get one for some of my friends too since you already know Filipino health workers often dominate the scene. So for my friends who are registered nurses, physical therapists, surgeons, dentists and care givers, you probably know now what you are getting ha-ha!

How about you? Have you thought about getting scrub clothing for your friends too?! Let me know!


D60KREW Walks Pasig River Part II

Monday, September 27, 2010

Photo courtesy of their owners, Ms. Bambit, Myrben Endaya, Ronald Zaguirre, Vincent Locsin, Andy Rodriguez and me.

When we boarded the ferry we waited a couple of minutes. Just when we were about to embark on this journey, a whole TV crew came in running behind schedule. Guess who we spotted!

I knew I've seen her somewhere before but... this is PATANI! She's the infamous pseudo villain in the first installment of Survivor Philippines. We heard she was there for an AXN shoot. It was nice because she gamely posed for us whenever there was an opportunity. It was really a fun day. Who would have thought we would meet people like her on the Pasig River Ferry! We were in store for more!

To start off the journey, the owner himself boarded the craft and said a few things before we went on the river. Mr. Eduardo G. Bondad, President and CEO of the SCC Nautical Transport Services Inc.; he gladly introduced us to what his company has been doing as service to thousands of Filipinos who use this transport system. His fleet of around 8 boats (if I'm not mistaken!) has been doing its deed for around 14 ports (some still being constructed). It basically can fit close to a 150 people, equipped with radio, sound systems, a public address system, comfy blue fixed plastic chairs and clean rest rooms. I've seen a mix of its patrons which range from class BCDE (some of which use this for everyday transport). It was quite comfortable since every water bus is air conditioned as I wouldn't really recommend it otherwise. It would probably climb up a few degrees and spell sun stroke if they didn't have that. There were still some fumes and establishments dumping waste water on the river; and if we were not inside the ferry at that time we'll have to visit the hospital after wards. I spent a lot of time on the front and back deck; it really felt like I was in the Caribbean. The breeze and the sun was nice at that time. I had a lot of shots... but we were all prohibited to shoot on the Malacanang area which understandably would be a huge security risk (Erap might get angry! LOL). I wonder what particular things they do on the line when Oil tankers and Natural Gas filled crafts passed by, that made me more worried than our cams. Even the PSG boarded to make sure we didn't shoot anything there (which is good don't get me wrong!). It was a good move but then again it would have been nice to shoot that historic place (and not just stay viewing the back of the 20 peso bill).

A lot of students frequently do projects and stories here (we met some of them while on the Plaza Mexico Terminal) probably to make them aware of the situation and the efforts put to rehabilitate the Pasig River. If their dreams come true this would really be a good thing to show tourists. I am by no means proud of the stench and trash along the way but if you think about it; we are all doing our share to make it habitable and that by itself is commendable. Maybe if we get the people living along the river to a different location (there's a lot of them!) and get better laws (via Congress making a harsher version and punishment) then it could be a good thing coming here. I guess just like any environmentalist; we are still hopeful this would all still be possible.

Some of us went through all the stations, Plaza Mexico, Escolta, Lawton, Quiapo, PUP, Santa Ana, Lambingan, Valenzuela,Hulo, Guadalupe, Pineda, San Joaquin, Bambang, Kalawaan, Pinagbuhatan - Acasia, Maybunga, Nagpayong and back. It was really my first time and I must say it was a nice experience. I didn't really expect much since the river itself was notorious for horror stories. The 12 million peso catamarans might have something to do with it but overall I enjoyed the time I spent there. It made me look at the river system differently, it gave me hope that one day everything will change. In one way or another there would be more people helping establish efforts to make this river alive again. Special thanks to Ms. Yen Cosare who gave fabulous information on the landmarks along the way. The group would also like to thank OIC Simon Aguilon of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission for giving us the chance to shoot this awesome place. I'd be back for more! I'd really recommend this to my friends for a short trip or something unusual in the oustkirts of the metro!

From left: Jeff, Francis, Ryan, Me, Ronald, Ace, Bambit, Gian, Myrben, Xander, Raymond, Jhem and Bangge.Not in photo because they were late but will be seen in other group hugs: Andy Rodriquez, Vince Locsin, Melvi Morfe and a surprise appearance by landscape master Ray Andallon.

Kudos to QCPC and D5KLUB who went with us on this great trip! I'm sure there will be more of us next time! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!


The Urge to Shop

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I have to admit I am a very compulsive buyer. The mall is but a culture in our side of the world which is not that much of good news when you are not a smart shopper. That is the current non working formula but I am going to think about how I can save more. If I go grocery shopping I can probably check out CouponUS.com and get huge discounts. I can also try their specials if my favorite brands would release something new over the weekend. I see a lot of people saving a couple hundred dollars from them so why shouldn't I join the bandwagon?!

I actually have a lot on my list now. The usual ones... and those gadgets I saw over the Internet. Everything is changing by the minute. My console is looking obsolete since there are no new games being released for it. My laptop computer seemed slower when I take a look at the ones displayed in the shelves. It's so easy to get a new one but it's so hard to depart from something you are already used to. It's the same with the operating system. There are hundreds of things we could all share with each other to save a lot from purchasing products we regularly buy. People need to be frugal when times are hard so they can serve as an example for future generations. Christmas is around the corner and we'd want everyone to get a gift right?! I thought so!

How do you stop the urge to shop? Shop smarter!


D60KREW Walks Pasig River

Friday, September 24, 2010

I've been looking forward for another walk with the D60KREW. I know we've been infamous with long spans of road and this one was a little different. For once we didn't walk that much. It was time to conquer the Pasig River. With the KREW armed and ready to shoot what the line had in store, we were surely not going to disappoint anyone anytime soon.

This was really my first time to ride the ferry. No joke! Even some of my krew mates were also virgins on this course. I saw them on TV a couple of times already (the Catamarans)but didn't know where it starts or ends. I saw these kinds of crafts in shows from travel channels in the Caribbean. The only difference though is the sails. Apart from that, it was sturdy and could cut through waters smoothly. It was surely going to be an exciting trip (which starts at Plaza Mexico) but we were too late for the first scheduled charter (because it falls Saturday 8AM) and too early for the second none at 11:30AM.

We decided to have an impromptu walk and early brunch inside the legendary walls. Plaza Mexico was very nice. I didn't know it even existed to tell you honestly until I saw it from Google maps; but I tell you people should really start noticing places like these.
It makes you feel that nostalgia when you see something that reconnects you to the past. Plaza Mexico pays homage to the galleon trade between Manila and Acapulco, Mexico. That's probably where we got most of the things we have in our language. Lechon, Pantalon, La Mesa, stuff that you normally would have thought normal ain't normal at all. Confusing?! Exactly!!! That's why you have to go there one of these days just so you get to brush up on your history. There are lots of inscriptions there you can learn from. We got brunch after wards.

It was then time to board the Ferry.

To be continued....


Spell Organized

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I need to get all my things organized. I bought a couple of cabinets to get my gadgets in alpha but it always seems not enough. I'm also thinking of moving some of my furniture down south as I discussed in the previous post but I have to make sure I get all of them sorted out first because I don't want to live there with tons of boxes. I might need storage so I can put everything in one place first then help me move them via trucks down south. It's also cheaper and I won't have to sacrifice getting my things soaked on heavily forested areas like that. I want to also get some of my office equipment moved there too. I don't want to spend time and be cut off from the rest of the world. I need to have a couple of things still within my reach even if I was in vacation. A couple of months ago I had a hard time getting Internet connection to access my mail and leave instructions in the office.

The high ticket items such as the sofa, bed and a couple of side tables I plan to re-use will also be in the list. I don't have enough muscle to move those things on my own obviously (but really I do) and I hope everything will be alright when the trucking service comes. I want to make this transfer as smooth as possible. I don't want to get my folks stressed. I don't want to get myself involved too much because my back still hurts. If the doctor says I can go ahead and lift heavy again like I used to (thanks to mild scoliosis!) I'd really love to help but since I can't I'd rather pay people to do this for me. I hope it won't cost me an arm and a leg. Things are hard these days and the last thing I'd want to have is a bill that says I'd have to suffer a couple of months just to pay for it. Good thing there are storage services that can help me out in these times!


Daily Moo's 09242010

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately and one of them is getting a place of my own. There are a couple of things that would stop me from doing so. First is that no one is going to be left at home. Mom and Dad wouldn't be able to pay for the bills. It's so hard for me but I am doing that right now. I want to get a condo unit somewhere near my work place. I want to also get a car too but it seems to be a long shot since I have to be responsible for things at home. If I chose to buy a car now, I wouldn't be able to do so because we don't have decent parking lots anymore at home. That would be troublesome to just leave vehicles outside our house because carnapping is very rampant in our side of the woods. I am a little frustrated. I wanted to have a place of my own so I can invite friends over or get noisy and naked without anyone noticing LOL. It's something to that extent.

Did you guys know that Neptune was discovered today in 1846? But now they all want the other planets to be taken out of our orbit. Why are we owning them when they are not revolving around our Sun. Maybe because they are Globe or Smart. Not funny I know.

I miss making videos. This I think was the last one from way back November last year. I need to make new ones for my portfolio. I need to show people my work and this one could spell it differently. Maybe if I get and IPAD this would be a great way to showcase my photography. Sometimes it does work. Now that I have HD video capability in my hand I'm going to try and see if I can combine my shots with videos too. I hope it all works. Since youtube announced they have around 15 minutes of video time now, this may actually be a good thing. I want high fashion shoots than anything in this industry. I hope I do justice to the things I learned in the workshop with the xman.

I want to do more photoshoots this weekend. I hope I have time for that!


My House in the South

I'm thinking of new things to add to our home in the south. If all things push through my brother would have the house complete and get it done before the year ends. That is just an ambitious estimate so I'm going to give myself around the first quarter of this year to get that fixed. After that we would need to get some key pieces bought but I have a special need for western furniture. I like how natural looking wood gets inserted in a theme I was thinking for the space. I am not a professional interior designer or architect but I have aesthetics in the mix somewhere. I want to show you guys a few of my favorites... it coincides with the theme I have in mind!

I want this piece outside my picket fence inspired porch. It is somewhat a rustic/country feel obviously that I want to happen. I love how natural it looks like and the wood used is finished greatly. I don't want a metal one because that would probably end up more industrial or futuristic. I want to get lots of pillows and a larger throw on top of that. Maybe a little orange or terracotta which hints more of a Hispanic/Mexican feel. I can probably add a few dried chilis and hang them around as garlands or art deco. I think I'm inspired! I want this to be a place of refuge in the late afternoon so I could get lemonade or something similar for refreshments. I need a place to put that though. Ah! I need a side table!

If I place this quite near that and make sure it doesn't block the smooth swing it induces this would be perfect! The woodsy look is actually continued and this one has that perfect height. I also need to think about what I'll have in the interior and make sure that it is also comfortable.

I won't stop myself from purchasing an LCD TV and would like to see if this set would actually fit. The lounge chair would be a necessity for me and my Dad. I want to still have a comfortable place to watch movies if I'm not in the mood to roam around the heavily forested area which this will all be located. I don't have to worry about cleaning too because Mom is going to get covers for them all if we're not around. Nice choices huh?!

How about you?! Have you considered getting these types of furniture?! Or would you buy something else? Tell me about it alright?!


Daily Moo's 09232010

I wonder where the Road User taxes went. I heard they went into 5 ghost projects and a couple to the bonuses of people in the transportation offices. It is clearly not allowed. Whoever did this must have his head roll.

People are thinking to dredge the Pasig river and around 6 more rivers elsewhere in the country. Apparently it has become so shallow it has cause the water to recede back in Marikina when the last Typhoon Ondoy struck. There must be something they could do to prevent that. I heard even Eastwood is encroaching the river. Get MMDA to tear it down like the squatters!

There's a Housing fair in Megamall this weekend. I wonder if there are condominium units available. Pagibig is also doing its job lending money to those who need a loan in that event. I don't even know if that is feasible. I think I'll drop by just to make sure.

I'm having troubles getting a hotel reservation. I have to get 2 rooms for 6 people. I might pay a hefty amount of like 5-10 thousand pesos per night but it's hell of a lot easier right? Wrong, I don't even have an idea what to get. ohhhh myyyyy!

I hope someone helps me out there... (T_T)


Daily Moo's 09222010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm still not drinking beer. It has been over a month and a half til I tasted em. That goes for cigarettes too. I must be getting a little crazy. I'm seeing things already. I am being tempted to drink Ice cold beer and smoke a couple of sticks since I see them in people. You might think I'm a lunatic. Oh yeah, I think I am.

I watched Glee this afternoon. I didn't get to watch the morning premier. It was great though because Charice did not look cheap in the show. For most of it, she looked very good and even out singing the lead actress there. I applaud them both because the lead was classically clear and trained while Charice was raw and bold. If I were to see who did a greater job, they have their own strengths. I might be a little biased but I like Charice's version of Listen and I think it is going to get number one downloads spot in Itunes. I don't have itunes credit so I'm downloading that off torrent like the rest of you guys LOL. I'm equally proud of her though!

It's Lunar New Year here I guess. There are a lot of mooncakes around again. I don't like it though. I haven't seen those good ones with salted eggs on them. That just made my mouth water. I hate it when I spoil my diet. Diet!? who me?! You must be joking! LOL

A lot of my blogger friends are asking for photos with greetings on em. I'm not that photogenic. I'm going to make videos I guess. I'll check if I can squeeze one this weekend. Effort eh?! Hahahah... Anyway I said I'll try right? That's better than nothing.

It's the anniversary of the Ondoy Typhoon which flooded most of the metro. The rains here are like Cow's and Buffalo's instead of cat's and dogs.. Sheesh... It's like the second coming of that same typhoon. Good thing the rains stop in the evening. I wonder if there are still problems in the water situation. Angat Dam should be full now right?! No one's telling people in the news yet. I hope we don't experience that scarcity like we did last year. I'm getting thirsty.

No beer + No smokes makes me a dull boy! But women ooooohhhh we can talk about that LOL!


Save the Date!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My friends are getting married. April and Louie had been an integral part of my friends from the NOCTURNALS photography group. What amazes me is that I sort of got the chance to see how their relationship blossomed into what it is today. I always thought they were perfect for each other; and I know nothing but the nicest things about these two. I'm not surprised they ended up with each other to tell you the least. Louie the playful, cute guy that he is (I didn't get paid to say that!); geeky looking yet smart is very easy to talk and be with. April who never fails to smile and kid around with everyone (even at the lowest times) always lights up the room when she's around. These are traits that made them stick together and I'm sure it'll last. They have been doing a lot of photos lately in preparation for their save the date postcard and I know there will be lots of them available on the Internet. It would be easier to make once all the details are finalized. They however already have the dates set for next year. We're all excited for them!

Love is such a pretty sight to see. It makes me wish I had a story of my own to tell. I won't be blaming anyone for my own fate this time. I'm really glad to have got to know these two. They kind of give you hope and that nostalgia you experience when someone loves you. It makes you optimistic; to see life in a different way. I wish Louie and April the best that life can offer. After all, they deserve each other. I'm so happy for them... and so are my peers from photography. You'll be really good parents too I'm sure!

Wish you all the best! Nothing more!