Daily Moo's 09242010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately and one of them is getting a place of my own. There are a couple of things that would stop me from doing so. First is that no one is going to be left at home. Mom and Dad wouldn't be able to pay for the bills. It's so hard for me but I am doing that right now. I want to get a condo unit somewhere near my work place. I want to also get a car too but it seems to be a long shot since I have to be responsible for things at home. If I chose to buy a car now, I wouldn't be able to do so because we don't have decent parking lots anymore at home. That would be troublesome to just leave vehicles outside our house because carnapping is very rampant in our side of the woods. I am a little frustrated. I wanted to have a place of my own so I can invite friends over or get noisy and naked without anyone noticing LOL. It's something to that extent.

Did you guys know that Neptune was discovered today in 1846? But now they all want the other planets to be taken out of our orbit. Why are we owning them when they are not revolving around our Sun. Maybe because they are Globe or Smart. Not funny I know.

I miss making videos. This I think was the last one from way back November last year. I need to make new ones for my portfolio. I need to show people my work and this one could spell it differently. Maybe if I get and IPAD this would be a great way to showcase my photography. Sometimes it does work. Now that I have HD video capability in my hand I'm going to try and see if I can combine my shots with videos too. I hope it all works. Since youtube announced they have around 15 minutes of video time now, this may actually be a good thing. I want high fashion shoots than anything in this industry. I hope I do justice to the things I learned in the workshop with the xman.

I want to do more photoshoots this weekend. I hope I have time for that!


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