Is it Quality or Quantity?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My photos are important and I have them all archived for copyright purposes. For any photographer, it is important to keep records of your shots to protect yourself and your clients. I have been a little skeptical about my ability to do this on my own. I don't even have the capability to do this on a large scale. Data is important in my line of work too and I have more than one backup hard drive apart from media that I have in storage. I can't be too sure in this day and age because when all else fails it's the important documents that could save me. I previously have some that I stored in CD and DVD disks but they all went bad after getting left on the dashboard. I can't rely on cheap media and not think about quality first. This is much like what CQ Duplication and Multimedia has! They might not be the least priced out in the market but they never sacrifice quality. This is one trait that makes them impressive in my dictionary. How else would you keep customers coming back for more of your services if you stay sub standard.

Most services on Video to DVD - Queensland has are great. Others don't think about what consumers would say after they get home and use the discs themselves. I personally have experience with this when I was giving away gifts for a wedding. The music and video kept skipping and there were a lot of complaints from my clients too. I know it was a little humiliating to just stand there and watch. It was one of the few moments when I thought about getting professional services for these things because a good company that would be able to produce superior quality Film to DVD - Queensland copies is surely going to be better than just purchasing cheap sub standard ones. Thanks to people who care about quality over quantity you'll know how important it is to only go for the best when your products are out. The China made ones are cheap but every time you make them you sometimes have to pray hard that nothing ever goes wrong with it (no pun intended; I'm just keeping it real!).

Is it quality or quantity? Which one would you choose?! Let me know!



Xprosaic said...

I always prefers quality... but there are also times that i am into quantity... it depends... but for pictures I really prefers quality at reasonable price... hehehehhehehe

pusangkalye said...

quality symepre---kaya pala yung wedding video ko skip nang skip---cheap talaga.hahaha

it pays to pay more---esp pag ibang level ka na at may mga client client nang pinag-uusapan. hehehe