Daily Moo's 09272010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I heard lots of praises for Charice's performance in Glee Season 2 (as Sunshine Corazon). They were all impressed by her powerful voice. In real life she's also got a crush on the guy in the wheelchair. I heard that guy is an awesome dancer too, but how come they restricted him to that chair?! Charice would like to thank everyone but she's down with the flu. She didn't attend an important gathering yesterday. It was a benefit for cancer research I think but it looks like they didn't see her there. I hope they still contributed even if she didn't go.

I've never ever ridden the Pasig River ferry until that Saturday we went on a photowalk. It was nice overall and I have nothing but praises. I just wish there was still something that we could do to rehabilitate it. It would really be a nice way to show Manila to tourists. If we maybe have some things done there much like in Bohol where restaurants are also on floating rafts, that would be really nice to see. Stop the pollution and we're gonna have a better river. The view is very different from where we were at that time. If only people flock that place and see for themselves, it would really be nice for them to tell other people what I saw. =) I'm hopeful this will turn out well in a few years.

The date I had this weekend was fun. I felt a little shy at first because we didn't talk that much about things. We watched The Guardians. It was cute. Not Academy Award material but it was so close to happy feet the owls literally looked like penguins. It was just cute nothing more. But what I enjoyed most was the times I attempted to hold hands. She was pretty, I was cute, what more can I ask for in a dark movie house haha!

Now you're not thinkin what I'm thinkin huh!? LOL!



glentot said...

How much is a ferry boat ride in Pasig?

John Bueno said...

@glentot 60 pesos lang par hanggang dulo na... pwede nga bumyahe dun habang emo eh hehe (//_-)

Chyng said...

yihee, may weekend date. inggit ako! heaha

Bino said...

natry ko na yang ferry ride sa pasig, kakatuwa pala. inosente lang. hehehe. and ung mga pics mo ganda ah as usual :)

John Bueno said...

@chyng eh kaw nga may kasama pa ata sa trips hehe

@bino talaga? Ako kasi pers taym eh lam mo naman virgin ako buwahahh

ZaiZai said...

uy may date :) walang pics?! gusto ko din masakay sa pasig river ferry..magiiwan ako ng mga bato na may nakasulat. mala bea alonzo sa miss you like crazy :)