Daily Rants 09022010

Friday, September 03, 2010

I hate the fact that they sent the bodies of the dead HK nationals (via the Manila Hostage Crisis) and they mislabeled it. Someone has got to get fired. I hate talking about the hostage situation. I hate seeing HK politicians talking S*** about our country when this is supposed to be an isolated case. They are blowing it out of proportion so they would look good for their people. I hate saying sorry for something that one criminal did. So I'm stopping. They said it was the fault of the funeral homes. Potatoe potahtoe. 2 survivors said they will talk about the incident now. I wonder who will go there and get their sides.

Pacquiao is going to be exempted from not attending hearings. He can go and still get paid. The hostage crisis in the US took 2 hours, and got the culprit dead. They are obviously comparing that to the one that happened here. Let them get the bus here and do that again.

Payment for teachers are going to be paid for their election duties. Hello? We already have a President and they just thought about doing that now? The SONA has already been done for crying out loud!

I saw some bloggers from other sites, it looks like they are having fun. I'm not. Hehehe.

There are going to be 5 Filipino nationals that are going to be hanged. 4 of them Pinays and 1 Pinoy... all about drug trafficking. If they did it, go ahead. But if its just to get revenge, think twice, I think we have some druglords stocked in our jails too. Not that I'm suggesting!

There are 2 kids who got in a fight because of playing spiders. They chopped each other in Negros Occidental! How gory! Yuck! Oh, I remember, I'm from that province too!

Rant off.

I love how bloggers show their love on their posts. I get inspired. I won't complain why I'm single but hell get me one of my own please! LOL I deserve one right?!

I want to commend my Dad for getting Senior Citizens discount. Because utilities will be included next month. That's great since he uses air conditioning a lot! Ha-ha!

I hope someday, someway, love will find my way.... well not now, I'm having fun every weekend. I go out so much that I sooo enjoy it! =)


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