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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I wonder where the Road User taxes went. I heard they went into 5 ghost projects and a couple to the bonuses of people in the transportation offices. It is clearly not allowed. Whoever did this must have his head roll.

People are thinking to dredge the Pasig river and around 6 more rivers elsewhere in the country. Apparently it has become so shallow it has cause the water to recede back in Marikina when the last Typhoon Ondoy struck. There must be something they could do to prevent that. I heard even Eastwood is encroaching the river. Get MMDA to tear it down like the squatters!

There's a Housing fair in Megamall this weekend. I wonder if there are condominium units available. Pagibig is also doing its job lending money to those who need a loan in that event. I don't even know if that is feasible. I think I'll drop by just to make sure.

I'm having troubles getting a hotel reservation. I have to get 2 rooms for 6 people. I might pay a hefty amount of like 5-10 thousand pesos per night but it's hell of a lot easier right? Wrong, I don't even have an idea what to get. ohhhh myyyyy!

I hope someone helps me out there... (T_T)


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