Halloween Preparations!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's that time of the year again where we prepare to celebrate one of the greatest occasions where we can dress up. I still have my Star Wars costume with me plus the sword that comes with that. I want to get the best dressed award and the prize too. There are several parties to go to in the metro for that and with my friends tagging along, those last few days in October is surely going to be a hit! I seldom dress up and I don't want to be a kill joy so this year I am going to complete that wardrobe and get my self Halloween Contact Lenses . This is the time to make something wild. It would be something definitely out of the ordinary. I know my friends will join too but they don't have experience wearing contacts. I might need to teach them a thing or two.

It actually completes the look. It is much like those in Edward and Bella's vampire movie. I probably won't look like a real vampire without it. Some would probably wear that red eyes that the VOLTURI has but maybe it will just temporarily blur them when it's almost pitch dark in the clubs I go to ha-ha! The greatest dressed then could be me but then again I haven't seen the rest of the guys if they are preparing for it too. Who's up for an early Halloween celebration?!


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