Daily Rants 09032010

Friday, September 03, 2010

Hi guys! I think this is my third installment of the Daily Rants. I guess you all pretty much have an idea now how it goes. It's a rundown on what I think of what happened today. Are you ready?!

It looks like one of the things I usually watch at night before I go to work is about to end. Yes, I watch Agua Bendita. I guess it is about time they change programs even at a high rating. It keeps the blood flowing in the network and it makes everything NOT stagnant. Pretty good strategy to end it on a high. I think the next one is bigger because of the names coming up for 1dol (or IDOL as they mentioned). It is going to be a good thing to watch. Melason might come in next as I see as she does a remake of Inday Bote. Who would have known 80's flicks would be back again! I see Vice Ganda even made a movie out of Petrang Kabayo a fantasy series popularized by Roderick Paulate.

This day also started the formal investigation for the Manila Hostage thingy. I think everything went detailed but some left people asking more questions. About qualifications of the ones holding key positions in the government, everyone's a critic... I also did not like how that guy answered questions. Apparently it showed more of his incompetence in that view. Tomorrow is going to be bad news again in Hong Kong but for me, its all the same and I am kinda not interested anymore in those kind of depressing news. If they want to send every Filipino in Hong Kong back in the Philippines, so be it!

Oh and by the way, my set for Ms. Ariane Fowler is out. Take a look at some of my shots =)

She's pretty huh?! Yeah I know! I was there! LOL =)



pusangkalye said...

ito na yung model shoot na pinakita mo kahapon. pero lagot ka---indian mo yung group mo kahapon. hahaha

about agua bendita. buti nalang tinapos nila. nakakahiya na kasi---puro na crap.tsk tsk

ZaiZai said...

wow nice pics! :) i watch agua too, lungkot din ako na matatapos na, pero as you said, better to end it while it's on a high. tingin ko ok naman ang papalit, lalo na at andun si coco martin! :)