Daily Moo's 09152010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It looks like some twitter warriors are against @KCMontero. It's because he saw a couple of the UKISS members were kissing each other and shaking their booties when they held their concert here. So they are gay, nothing wrong about that but they shouldn't fool people. If they really are thousands of teens and women would be broken hearted. Illusions, illusions, illusions! Men just don't like watching other men shake em booties too!

The Department of Justice I think has been given a low budget. Since the Supreme Court Cheif Justice and PNOY had a rift, only Congress can give them more money. Goodluck to the ailing rooms of your courts! It's going to rain even inside! Pasig will have bonuses of flood water. Bring your water sports gear!

I'm hearing Christmas carols already. What am I going to buy? I need to reward myself of course! A new lens? A set of lights?! Clothes? Shoes? A car maybe? Oh sh#&.. I forgot... I don't have any money ahhahahaha! No bonuses this year because they halved the 13th month pay. Where am I gonna get money to pay for the gifts I have to buy for the hundreds of kids who think their Godfather is rich nyahahah! Well surprise surprise I'm not! LOL Ninong is cheap!

We didn't win the World Cup of Pool which was held here in the Philippines. China won... now wait, I thought there were no Chinese tourists here?! Why are they here with a crowd?! So who do you think is fooling who when we have people still visiting us from Hong Kong and China?! Blacklist my a$#! Hahaha...

It looks like John Lloyd and Shaina will be in deep trouble this week. Some people saw them doing it raunchy somewhere public. But then again someone's got to come up with photos to prove it. Otherwise, it ain't true at all!!!!

Dating again this weekend. I hope it turns out great like last week. If I don't go out, I'll probably just bury myself in pillows and get some sleep. I'm always sick these days but I always try to self medicate. I need to go and get a checkup just to see what's wrong with me. I hope none of those high blood pressure symptoms turn out to be true. I hate head aches. Pray for my soul. Wherever its headed! LOL

I should visit Salcedo Market this weekend and take my date there. Looks like food is nice and we'll probably get both interested in the sights and things to eat there. Photos will be surely a good thing to post here. I forgot I need to buy Haagen Daaz Ice Cream, I'll do that too. Make her my model and put em here hehehe!

As early as now, happy weekend! Hahahaah! =)


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