Daily Moo's 09222010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm still not drinking beer. It has been over a month and a half til I tasted em. That goes for cigarettes too. I must be getting a little crazy. I'm seeing things already. I am being tempted to drink Ice cold beer and smoke a couple of sticks since I see them in people. You might think I'm a lunatic. Oh yeah, I think I am.

I watched Glee this afternoon. I didn't get to watch the morning premier. It was great though because Charice did not look cheap in the show. For most of it, she looked very good and even out singing the lead actress there. I applaud them both because the lead was classically clear and trained while Charice was raw and bold. If I were to see who did a greater job, they have their own strengths. I might be a little biased but I like Charice's version of Listen and I think it is going to get number one downloads spot in Itunes. I don't have itunes credit so I'm downloading that off torrent like the rest of you guys LOL. I'm equally proud of her though!

It's Lunar New Year here I guess. There are a lot of mooncakes around again. I don't like it though. I haven't seen those good ones with salted eggs on them. That just made my mouth water. I hate it when I spoil my diet. Diet!? who me?! You must be joking! LOL

A lot of my blogger friends are asking for photos with greetings on em. I'm not that photogenic. I'm going to make videos I guess. I'll check if I can squeeze one this weekend. Effort eh?! Hahahah... Anyway I said I'll try right? That's better than nothing.

It's the anniversary of the Ondoy Typhoon which flooded most of the metro. The rains here are like Cow's and Buffalo's instead of cat's and dogs.. Sheesh... It's like the second coming of that same typhoon. Good thing the rains stop in the evening. I wonder if there are still problems in the water situation. Angat Dam should be full now right?! No one's telling people in the news yet. I hope we don't experience that scarcity like we did last year. I'm getting thirsty.

No beer + No smokes makes me a dull boy! But women ooooohhhh we can talk about that LOL!


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