Maybe Get Blinds?!

Monday, September 20, 2010

There are several reasons why I don't invite guests over to my house. None may have noticed it but I never throw parties or events in it since time in memorial. Well maybe once but it never happened again because I severely didn't like the way our house looked like. It's funny because my Mom and Dad always had friends over way back and didn't even bother. I guess I am the meticulous one because I always look into details. My room is not an exception because I don't have decent window treatments. I never had time to redecorate or have any touch of interior design since I work graveyards and sleep in the morning. I always tell myself to get venetian blinds so I could at least get the sunshine filtered when I sleep. My eyes hurt obviously when I get hit by rays and I never really did anything to solve it. I want to get some sleep and I always hoped and pray that this isn't one of those times when I need to muster enough strength to shut my eyes. It's really not a choice anyway. Go figure!

I'll ask around or maybe look on sites that have them. I wouldn't want to spend a fortune and I'm really going to have to look around. If I can save a few dollars and get the best ones out there; that will be really good for me!

What does your room look like?! What are your favorite pieces?! Total price range for everything?! Let me know okay?!



pusangkalye said...

in the first doesnt have to be that expensive. start with agood pain and roller. tapos DIY na. alam mo bang ako lang nagpaint ng bahay ko? it comes handy witha good roller I tell and a a water-based paint like Davies. dipa mabaho. from there, Im sure you'll be inspired to add furniture tapos unti unti na...then --sunod.iinvite mo na kami. yihhh!!!!!

John Bueno said...

Hehe yoko, tsaka na pag narenovate na buong bahay hehe