Upgrading my Blackberry Curve 8320

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm currently upgrading my Blackberry Curve to the latest OS version v4.5.0.52. I hope this one has certain improvements than my current OS. Mine boots up a little too long and I saw that on the release notes this frees up a meg or more of memory. I also hope this doesn't get my phonebook deleted otherwise I'll have to kill people.

I'm having a hard time doing the backup procedure but I think I got it now. It just needs to specifically find the application meaning you have to browse for it manually since it doesn't do that automatically when you install the launcher. This is not going to be easy for novice users and they need instructions to do so. I'm choosing US as my location since there are no options to choose the Philippines in the list. Now I have to wait for at least an hour while it is updating and NOT TOUCH the blackberry for that long.

If this is successful and did not erase any of my entries in the phonebook I'm really going to celebrate with a big breakfast. I am a little stressed so early in the morning since I am doing it around 4am. You how that feels right?!

Oh and did I mention my idol Xander Angeles tweeted me two days ago telling me to shoot with him the next day? I found his tweet the 2days after unfortunately. I am such a loser. =( I hate it when that happens. Twitter is really such a pain if you just depend on it plainly. I missed a major opportunity and by golly I missed one BIGTIME!

I want to throw my phone out the window now. LOL


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