Daily Rants 09062010

Monday, September 06, 2010

I felt I was hungry today. But I'm not. I tried to go to gym with my busy schedule, but the darn maid did not iron my gym clothes. I couldn't find them anywhere either. I drank a lot of milk to get me some sleep, I did get some sleep but still had a headache when I woke up. Something is wrong with me but I refuse to go to the hospital. I already did take some meds but I don't know if it is effective. Who cares!

I did go out this weekend, met a couple of bloggers... but went out again that night thinking I could score with someone at the Fort. But.... I think I did haha!

I'm contemplating on doing Muay Thai on weekends or whatever schedule fits... but I barely have time for sleep do I really have to do it?! I hate my freakin stomach area... It'll really be a big help if I did that! I don't think I've ever had abs... LOL

I ordered Jollibee again, a whole Jolly Hotdog Meal.... but I wasn't hungry. I was just thirsty. Now its just sitting here in my table. Any takers?! =)

I hate the van, it consumes waaay to much diesel and makes me pay a thousand pesos a week. If I took a cab it would only cost me around 700. It's really a crazy world, I wanna just not use the van anymore and get a cheaper car that does a couple of liters of gasoline. Where is Hybrid when you need it!

Well, looks like I'm taking lots of chances with life now. I hope it ain't something I'm going to be sorry about pretty soon. If all else fails, I'll jump ship and turn to work related stuff, after all that is the single thing that makes me forget about the troubles in life.

I need a drink, and get drunk every once in a while without the headache! Can that be arranged?!

I'll know pretty soon, weekend's comin!



Anna said...

always take chances. mas ok na yun kesa "what if's". do whatever makes you feel good. =)

Anna said...

always take chances. mas ok na yun kesa "what if's". do whatever makes you feel good. =)