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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

This evening I had a friend who asked me for a favor. He needs money to get his business running again. I am a little hesitant because if he is going to do this with my money and not give me any collateral I probably am at a losing end. I am not quite sure if he is going to be able to pay me back but he is getting the whole computer shop business part given to me for this favor. I gladly said yes but just told him to pay me back. I didn't want to do be an extra burden to his hardships and make matters worse. I want to give him lee way to at least try and give this a chance. I didn't have the money off hand and I wish there was a chance that I could borrow from premier institutions like so I could get them at least a thousand dollars. I would be able to give the money back once my pay day arrives. Wouldn't that be a nice solution to this abrupt need for it?! I'll definitely look into that!

All I want today is get him all the help he can get and if he tries one more time to revive his business then I'll be a part of his success. I saw more information on their web site that indicates the schemes of borrowing practices that would be easy for me. I think a pay day loan is what I'll get but I have to make sure I would be able to pay them back when the time comes. I'll call the office accounting department for this one so I could at least get an idea how much I can lend him ASAP. He needs it and I'm so glad we can probably do everything through the easy procedures of SOEASYLOANS.COM. I'm sure most of you would do the same too!

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