Something Cosmic

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I admit I haven't been listening that much to radio programs or mp3's in the last few months. You know how busy we all are! But I have been pretty much disturbed on Bruno Mars being number one on RX93.1 since a couple of weeks ago. I don't know who he is or what he looks like I thought it was someone that bares the second coming of lady gaga since his name sounds so cosmic.... (Get it? Mars?! LOL) well I was wrong... I played his video and got hooked to it. I said to myself ahhhhh.... sooo.... this is the think they were playing on clubs. I didn't know they mixed it up hehehe. Anyway, I get him... I got the message of his song. This one in particular is awesome.. lighting, positioning and timing of the shot was great. I hope those flare thingys are true and not computer generated heheh.

I think now is the time to download the latest songs. I'm right now in the process of bribing someone in the local pizza place to get me one of these.

Yeah I know. I would kill to get me one of these and they ran out of it so I'm kinda reserving one for myself via that guy in the pizza place. I would pay more than what it costs just so I get one. I am unfortunately dead serious. I'll take every process or magical whisks of a wand just to get one! Don't even stand in my way because by hook or by crook this will be mine! Buwahahah!

Sorry, I just had to say that! =)


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