Meeting Mishaps

Friday, September 17, 2010

Today I went to a special meeting of minds. I met some of my masters in photography and checked a lot of their work. I have to learn and emulate some of their techniques. I try to at least see if we can get some of our businesses to grow since they probably have more connections than me. If you think about it, I will need another day with them to close some deals. I literally had no time for this hobby but I did my best to attend these big ones since almost everyone in the fashion industry is there. That's the ideal place to meet people. One of my biggest mistakes though is not getting enough business cards. I wish I had 123 print make them for me so I wouldn't be problematic. In times like these you need a lot! The office just makes generic ones that are not related to what I'm actually doing. It'll be funny how they'll find out that a geek would actually be their photographer. They'll probably say "It's a weird day!" and I wouldn't tell them otherwise.

I met the best photographers, fashion icons, designers, stylists and make-up artists. I love how the day ended because I definitely learned a lot. I got a couple of people in my phone book and we're doing bigger projects in the next few months. My regret though is not having that much cards to give out to prospective clients. I learned the hard way. It could have been more money for my business. I will have to rethink my strategy next time. Here's hoping for more transactions with the greatest people in the industry! Let's rock!



goyo said...

big time.

John Bueno said...

Di naman goyo ikaw nga dyan eh hehe

Anonymous said...

waahhhhh!!! frustrated photographer din ako... sana when i get the time e mahalin na ako ng art na to! i failed miserably at it :(((