Daily Moo's 09292010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let me just get this out of my system okay?!

I freakin hate the Catholic Church in the Philippines. Whoever made that notion of civil disobedience should be shot and hanged at stake. I don't care if you are an archbishop or bishop, and this is not the freakin Spanish era where you guys are like gods! You are so st#&&! Freakin st*#&$!

Ok rant off... well almost! Hahah!

I think I want to go to Cosplay X this Saturday at SMX. It looks like conventions like these are going to be a great place to shoot subjects. I want portraits but it is a little crowded in places like these. I hate seeing people walking around the subject when I'm shooting. Maybe I'll stay around a wall and ask them to pose there instead. I was thinking of getting some of these people on my portfolio since I really like Anime. I still watch lots of them until now. Maybe if I borrow some of their big swords I can go to Manila Cathedral and slash that priest into pieces. I really hate him huh?! LOL

I probably should go out after that on Saturday. I don't know where I'm going yet but I'm sure if Fort or Morato is still open I might end up there. It'll be a little far though but I think I can handle it. Now if we put those priests in the rotunda of Morato and let them be hit by tomatoes by everyone who hate what they said to the President of this republic, we'll have lots of tomato sauce for lunch tomorrow. Wouldn't that be another thing to rival the tomatillo in Spain? After all they are acting like friars! Hahah! No getting over that!

Christmas is near. I wonder how many Catholics have decided not to go to church anymore. I wonder where I'll contact CBCP and show them a thing or two on what to say next time. I wonder when they'll accept that they are wrong. I wonder when they'll know how insensitive they think they are after all these are out in the open. I think I should put up a fan page just for them.

Rant off. The last thing I need is stress. I'm getting involved in this too much. =)

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