Wealth from Forestry and Timber

Friday, September 10, 2010

My country is blessed by awesome natural resources. It has hectares upon hectares of its land covered in hardwood trees, fruit bearing ones, flora and fauna. I have an idea on how extremely rich we are in this part of the world. I am not surprised they even describe the island formation as a man sitting in a pot of gold. Funny I know, but in retrospect; it does actually make sense.

With billions of dollars spent in this particular industry since the early ages of shelter engineering, forestry and timber indexes have been greatly profitable even at the toughest of times. I remember my folks used to talk about these things together with the mining operations they invested on in the early 80's. Even though it wasn't needed at that time they still made an effort to get stock options for corporations that operate saw mills and processing plants for this raw material. I have actually considered going this business path in the past but to tell you honestly I barely made terminology classes on this subject. It was naturally passed on to generations and ended up with a few still in it. Some have left because there were famine incidences in our province in the past that forced them to sell parts of it. Generally it stayed with us but without knowledge on this we probably are just headless chickens directly going to the fryer. If it was easy to do in the past, I could have let them contact Greenwood and let them handle forest investment services. Our family might have a better understanding in this industry and invested elsewhere to get through the tough times. Just looking at the various companies in the same field; none of it fared better than them. You should try and see one of their projects here. I'm sure if you took a look at it you'll know what I mean.

We are no Roman Empire; not even Japanese or Mongolian. If you try and think about this subject it all boils down to proper professional management. We don't have some of these businesses exist in our comfort zones; but to tell you the truth I could have paid them now if they can make me earn more in the ever growing industry of forestry and timber. I would love to completely change chairs with people who had their success stories in this field. If you know people interested in this one, make sure you let me know too because I might just as well put in a thing or two.

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glentot said...

I read this and I remembered what Agent Smith said to Neo in The Matrix, that we humans are like viruses, we move to a place, exhaust the resources, and when the environment dies, we spread to another place. Kawawang mga puno...