If You Were In My Shoes

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I saw some of my friends who are consequently also my neighbors whom I grew up with this weekend. They sat on those same benches we usually stayed on till the wee hours of the morning (just talking about girls, girls, girls); we kind of lost touch over the years because I went into concentrating more on studies while most of them ended up not finishing school. What's more sad is that some of them got into gangs and fraternities that got them into major trouble. One of them also got into Opiate Addiction or some sort of pain killers which is very dangerous. I wanted to help them out but I can only do much. I was feeling helpless since we never got to talk the same way after a long time. I wish I could get them into programs to get them out of the habit but even their relatives were clueless on what to do. They had to spend a lot on medical bills which made it doubly harder to recover. I was at a lost to say the least and I asked my friends who were in the same field and suggested some options I should take.

I wanted to help them so they could start over and rebuild their lives. They have their own families now and the last things I hope they'll end up in are government institutions. I wouldn't want to put the blame on their environment or society in general. It's too broad and they probably have something to do with it too. I believe in second chances and I want to see them successful soon.

Do you have friends like that too?! What would you do if you were in my shoes? Let me know thanks!


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goyo said...

ang mga friends ko.. mabubuting tao..
yosi at inom lang ang bisyo.. basketball.. at pambababae. haha. :P