Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My cousins are in Philadelphia working as nurses. Pizza as we fondly call her is working for the hospital as part of the team that handles the Intensive Care Unit. Pie her twin is working for the Emergency Room staff. You often mistake one for the other since they are very identical. I felt awkward when they visit me and I couldn't tell them apart. Their fashion sense is not as laid back as most of those who work there. I often see those girls wearing great colors and they never hold back. I think they got that idea here since scrubs were commonly seen and worn by the most fashionable people last year. They never hesitate to jazz up the ordinary nurse uniforms. I don't blame them because you often see great ones on line. They also come with the corresponding scrub pants too because getting one is such a breeze! Imagine Fashion + Health Care = Bliss!

If I'm going to get them anything this Christmas season then this would probably be one of the choices. I'd get one for some of my friends too since you already know Filipino health workers often dominate the scene. So for my friends who are registered nurses, physical therapists, surgeons, dentists and care givers, you probably know now what you are getting ha-ha!

How about you? Have you thought about getting scrub clothing for your friends too?! Let me know!


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