Daily Moo's 09082010

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I think I should get inked on this event on the 24th and 25th but I have yet to decide on what particular tattoo to get. Should I be worried?! I don't think so because people are probably going to be more supportive right?!

I got new contacts. No not my phonebook dimwit! Contact lenses. It's brown just the way I like it. It will enhance my meztizo looks naks! hahaha and probably get me a little bit closer to what I was thinking months ago. My friend still owes me money. He's supposed to pay me back but he got me these instead. I hope it ain't going to be troublesome to put on. I heard horror stories ye know?!

I want to watch XANADU the musical but I don't have the funds right now. Someone borrowed a hefty amount again and I practically was about to close one of my accounts because of that. Good thing its near pay day. I wanted to see how they sing SUDDENLY. Olivia Newton John was great in the movie even if that was a flop but the musical was a big hit in broadway. They probably will be doing the show on time and reviews say it is quite short with no intermission numbers. They should have at least provided one ye know?!

I'm hungry again but I don't want to eat rice. I already ate half the population of hotdogs in Manila and I won't settle for that again. I wonder what are my options today. I hope Jollibee won't mind me doing requests. I need softdrinks and lots of it! I get dehydrated from not drinking too much water. Apparently I don't like the taste of water... its bland and I need something with it like powdered juice thingys. When will I be just plain and simple?! That is a question I want answered hehehe!

I want a tuta... yeah puppies! But I don't like the fur that comes with it. I have asthma I think. Mom can't stand them too. I'm not on the verge of giving up but it looks like we're going to have to rethink how to get one. I need a puppy that doesn't eat much, I don't like high maintenance once since its already a pain I am one too! LOL

When can I get laid???... I think this weekend again! Hahaha=)




Jepoy said...

When can I get laid???... I think this weekend again! Hahaha=)

Way to go! LOL

ZaiZai said...

go go go sa pag pa tattoo :) at go sa pagkakaroon ng tuta. super cute at helpful pagtangal ng stress ang pets, puppies most of all. ung walang balahibo na lang bilin mo, kaya lang creepy tignan :)

good luck sa weekend! hope you get laid haha :)