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Thursday, September 09, 2010

A scene this morning after working out in Fitness First Eastwood:

Me: Hi there! I'm

Mr. Pathetic. How are you?!

Mr. Pathetic: Well I'm fine but you know, I've been thinking a lot lately.

Me: What's it all about?!

Mr. Pathetic: Well you know I did try to quite smoking and drinking right?!

Yeah you kinda mentioned it to me. Why? what happened?!

Mr. Pathetic: Well when I got out after gym this morning I was actually tested. My friends invited me for a few bottles.

Me: Why? Did you get drunk again?!

Mr. Pathetic: Well not exactly...

Me: Then what's your problem?!

Mr. Pathetic: I sat and told stories about my day and sang a few songs on videoke. I did not smoke and I didn't drink any alcoholic beverage. I just sat there and drank Iced tea.

Well it looks like you succeeded, why the sad face?! =(

Mr. Pathetic: I'm sad coz I can't drink, I'm supposed to be happy when I achieved something right?! And I'm apparently not.

Would you have been happier if you drank a few bottles?!

Mr. Pathetic: Not either. I'd be also depressed if I did that.

Me: Well what do you want to do then, you are not happy when you drink and you are not happy when you do... are you pathetic?!

Mr. Pathetic: I guess so. Maybe that's why I'm typing this sh**!

Me: *tumbling*

Mr. Pathetic: I'm talking to myself again......

After further analysis I'll try not to go to those places anymore. It's so depressing to think about it now. Maybe if I get to have options other than alcohol and binging on food in that place I'll try but if ever I get invited again, I'll probably beg off. What do you do when you can't get away from a habit?! What do you do when you want to join the merry making but not the hangovers and eating for more pounds?!

I'm glad its a weekend again, so I don't have to think about this sh**!....

The weekend puts a smile on my face =)


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