Daily Moo's 09102010

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm trying to help a friend find a job. I don't even know if there are companies that would be able to get students or 2nd year college level but I think mine does. I'll ask HR later this morning so I can arrange if its possible. I'm also going to send his resume to a couple of friends who also work in the same industry to get this over with. I hate seeing people jobless when they have potential in the first place. This kid is also talented because he sings, if ever he decides to move forward with his singing career a fallback in the call center/BPO industry would be good. At least he is still going to use his voice and there aren't that much prejudice in getting undergraduates.

I'm a little scared about going out later heheh. I might run out of stories and get those crickets coming each time we pause and do nothing. Maybe if we get drunk we won't run out of it. I'll try that way if worst comes to worst!

I need a massage. Maybe I can ask her to go to a spa later so I can get laid este rest pala and have a few short courses. Maybe it'll be better if I get some sort of a couple package of sort but I'm not that desperate! Don't even think about that! Haha!

Looks like PAL workers are going on strike again and they are planning to cripple the operations of Philippine Airlines. What's wrong with this picture? Well we just had a travel ban from Hong Kong but even if there are airplanes full of Chinese people going to our country, its not that pretty to look at anymore if they decide to push for a strike. I can't blame them though because I saw their payslips. Imagine they are only taking home around 10K. It's like they work on land or something. Local airlines should at least be giving them the same salary in the region.

Sugar prices seem to be climbing. I don't think there is a crisis but what are they doing? Hoarding again?! Raising prices without notifying the government? Are they insane or are they really not thinking well??? They shouldn't do this while everyone's busy. It ain't right to put more burden to citizens who just want to make a living. Be rightful, be always considerate of other people. Isn't that too easy to understand?!

Anyway, I'll try calming down. There are more people suffering than me in the news so why am I complaining. =/ Shut up!


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