The Perfect Body

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I have skin problems too. Some people might look at me and say it looks flawless but I do struggle just like any normal person would do. In my side of the world we're quite fortunate that a tan is but like a regular thing. We don't have to spend that much time under the sun just to get some or even go to salons and spray it on. If I lose a lot of weight I'll be worrying about it too because there will be a tendency for the over stretched ones to sag quite a bit which will make it unappealing for anyone to look at. I vouch for any procedure that will make me look good and if it means that I have to go to Hawaii Plastic Surgery and get it done, I'd be glad to do so!

I need to be confident and look my best every time I go out. If there would be some procedures to be done to make me a little perfect then by all means I'll go ahead. It maybe a little too forward for some of us but I have researched quite a bit and it looks like the ones I need are relatively safe. I'm sure with qualified and great educated doctors it will be easy to do all this. Would you do the same perhaps?! If you want to have something changed in your body, what would it be?! Why?! Let me know and let's talk about it!



Rico De Buco said...

tol magppayat ka pa ng konti kamukhang kamukha mo na yung asa pic..kaw b yan dati?

John Bueno said...

unfortunately hinde hahaha