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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It looks like the batteries on my radio just ran out. I'm listening to static. I think that would cost me another 150 bucks but I think it is well worth it. Even if it is just Eveready it did its job. It's not those alkaline thingy's but I think it lasted longer than that. Great job batteries, I'm going to throw you away now... *insert army shots*... heheh

I'm snacking on Sunflower crackers since yesterday. It seems burnt. Whoever fried this thing must have left it and ate a couple too. It tasted good and addicting. But hell it made me so thirsty.

Air conditioning still is not working here. But its getting better. I just don't have the comfortable coldness I used to enjoy here. I hate electric fans but its better than nothing. The fan will get us dried in a couple of hours I'm sure.

Private doctors wanted DOH to declare a state of calamity. Lot's of kids and people died of Dengue Fever. A lot of them need blood transfusion. I'm high blood, if they get mine I wouldn't run out of it right?! LOL

President Noy wanted to eat at Jollibee in Queens New York but they begged off because they can't reserve the place just for him. I think this is the same gimmick with Obama, is he gunning for the same effect??? He should fall in line like everybody else! =)

I heard that there were some kids who died in a fire in Paranaque. Police found out later that their stepmom was the culprit. They were burned because she got jealous and wanted the father to be hers alone. Now she's in prison. Tough luck!

Today marks the anniversary of typhoon Ondoy which killed hundreds of people and destroyed pretty much half of the city. It's not worth remembering but people have been greeting weirdly through text. I received one this morning indicating " Happy Ondoy Anniversary!"... We're a weird bunch of people! Hehehe


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