New Dating Strategy

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I'm going on a date tomorrow. Well she's a common friend of a friend. We've been talking about stuff and what relationships should be. I don't know if this is going somewhere but I am going to try my best to do something about this single guy syndrome that I just acquired a couple of months ago. I'm enjoying it so much and I love going out and I hope it is the same with her too. The deal is I have been always getting into a relationship with people that are my exact opposites. This time I'll try Alike Singles and see if it makes a difference. Maybe if we are alike then we could probably be the best couple. I'm crossing my fingers for that!

If we think alike then we can probably do the same thing. I can still party while she enjoys too. I can go out with my friends without someone telling me to go home. I can stay out late and she wouldn't mind. I can go to the gym while she works out with me. I can stay staring at sunsets and do long walks in the beach while she strides along with me. We can go out and eat something we haven't eaten before just for the fun of it. We can try doing death defying rides, stunts and exhibitions without her hesitating. If she matches me well then this could be close to heaven! I'm really going to try even if this is new to me.



kikilabotz said...

isa kang chikboy pare..hahahaha. turuan mo ko ng mga teknik mo

John Bueno said...

@vin hindi ah! Ikaw nga dyan eh hari ka raw ng PARA PARAAN hehehe XD kaya ako turuan mo hehe