Georgina Wilson for Bench Celebrity Scents: Oh My George! and XOXO

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You love her... you adore her... you want to be with her... you want to smell her. You can never believe how it felt to be right there, when Georgina Wilson launched her very own BENCH celebrity scent at Mall of Asia atrium last weekend. Shall we start? :)

The stage was cute, it had hearts, polkadots and of red shade which is reminiscent of a 60's scene. Then these guys came out to dance a swing-burlesque number!

AirAsia.Com's New Number 742ASIA!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages!

It's time you fly with the youngest fleet in the Philippines... and that's Air Asia.

They are even making it easy for you because starting February 25, AirAsia’s going to have a new customer hotline number. It will be as easy as dialing 742ASIA or 742-27-42.


It doesn't end there! Since they want all their services to be more convenient to soon to be passengers of AirAsia, they have commissioned partner 7-Eleven stores (starting February 28) so you can pay online promos using cash instead of your credit cards. Freddie Herrera, Commercial Head of Air Asia Inc. said “Filipinos will now embrace this new concept of paying cash for airline tickets via our payment partners option because of its simplicity and convenience”. Imagine, if everyone reserves a ticket, just line up on your favorite 7-11 branch and pay over the counter. Isn't that neat that you can book flights to Taipei, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur? Even domestic flights to Davao (in the South) and Kalibo (for Boracay).

So what are you waiting for? Check out deals on or call 742ASIA or 7422742 and pay on any of their authorized payment partner establishments near you!

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Beyond Beautiful

Sunday, February 24, 2013

This just HOT HOT HOT off the press!

You must have been seeing quite a lot of rumors about who's going to be the latest endorser for Creamsilk. Well, you're going to see this earlier than usual because we have the POWERS THAT BE! LOL!

One thing that I can say is that, she's gorgeous, she's smart and her hair is just full of life! Who am I talking about? Press to play!

How does Heart Evangelista achieve it? She's got her hair reborn with Creamsilk. It's PERFECTION in a bottle that can make those strands softer, smoother and healthier. It's the latest from the one and only Creamsilk. How can you resist someone this gorgeous? How can you even say no to her angelic face, lovely body and hair that's just BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!

There's nothing else in the market that can get you real results that has been proven by women in the Philippines for years now. It's just not enough to use plain shampoo or combinations that fall quite short of what you need to get your own hair just like Heart Evangelista's beyond beautiful hair! Get Creamsilk Hair Reborn!

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My Singapore Food Street

Friday, February 22, 2013

I've been in this place a couple of times and even if it's a little far from where I work and where I live I still end up shopping in SM Megamall. Now there's an even better reason to come back because for people like me who crave something from another country, particularly Singapore... I need my fix of what I've been eating in that part of the world at an affordable price. I love their hawker food and the ambiance of eating with the locals. But it would be a pain to go to Singapore every week, not to mention quite expensive. Good thing there's an easy alternative, might be even better than what we got in Singapore. Care to taste something from "My Singapore Food Street?"

Pretty and proud part owner of this establishment is true blue Singaporean native Vivien Tan. She's partnered with mogul Jean Henri Lhullier putting up this establishment which aims to serve authentic Singaporean dishes right in the heart of Metro Manila. I used to only see her put up urban parties in Asian Food Network but this time she was introducing to us what hawker food was all about. I've eaten some of it for days when I was in Singapore so I think I can tell if it's authentic or not. We got first dibs on their dishes; I was impressed.

Char Kway Teow was nice. It's got noodles, seafood, bean sprouts and spring onions on top. It is best eaten hot so if you are going to eat this, better make sure you take time doing it right after they put it on your table. I've seen them cook this with flames, showing off but it is quite good. Makes you warm and fuzzy.. comfort food. :)

Crispy, sweet, savory and salty. This is their 5 spice tofu. I have yet to compare this to the real one but in general, you need some crunch when you are dining in on this restaurant. This is one of them and I'm sure there's more on their menu.

Samsung Digital Home Appliances: The Eve of Digital Inverter CompressorRefrigerators

Samsung among all things have been leading in the technology department; and just like any good manufacturer they are bringing this all into your homes via their appliances. It was my first time seeing all of these and it turned out to be an awesome day. Why? I'll tell you in a bit. For starters, let's see what the event is all about. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Samsung Digital Home Appliances. Shall we start? =)

One of our hosts that quaint afternoon at Chef Jessie's restaurant in Rockwell was Yaya Ian Galliguez; I've never seen her before. Aside from playing this role complete with a British accent, she pretty much knows her way around the kitchen. She was showing us a couple of refrigerator models in front that's made me a lot interested because they were not ordinary. Since it's made from Samsung, these are all No-Frost Inverter Refrigerators. Imagine the technology that was initially only available on air conditioning is now being applied to other pieces of appliances and cooling systems; something only this company is actually capable of. Now that they are bringing it much closer to your home and they are bringing it even with style. Practical, less consumption of energy and environmentally friendly, these models are way advanced and give you savings which is more than what you can ask for in a fridge.

GAMBINO: An Authentic Italian Restaurant

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A fresh new look, a comfy, cozy place right at the heart of Bonifacio Global City. I have been to a lot of Italian restaurants but none actually is as authentic than this. For starters, the Chef is Italian. He's also got friends who sing. His team of Chefs that work behind the scenes are also classically trained. Best of all, the food and drinks are exquisitely prepared. Here's a look at Gambino.

Intimate and a little upscale, the interiors of this restaurant are kept classy. The ambiance would be compared to something from an Italian mob/mafia movie hence the name of the restaurant. Leather chairs, black and woodsy tables and a studded bar made the place cohesive with the theme. Very rustic. It can probably fit around 24 people upstairs and 36 downstairs as they took advantage of the al fresco space. It gets packed on weekends so please do reserve. Then the chef's came out to say hi.

The Magnifique Romance Contest!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I guess I've been talking about Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila these days that I've been forgetting one thing. I forgot about you my dear readers. Well, I've got news for you... this is your lucky day! There's an ongoing Magnifique Romance Contest going on and it could win you 2 nights stay at your selected destination, in-room breakfast, a romantic gift, late check-out and more! Brought to you by our good friends at Sofitel.

How do you win? It's easy!

First just head on to this Facebook Application located on this URL


After that, you'll see this page below. You must click the LIKE button on the top right hand corner of the page.


Click on the VOTE button on the page and it will take you to this interface.


You need to click on the top and choose ASIA. Then after that look for of course our favorite five star hotel... Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila and click on the VOTE button below.


It will take you to a form where you have to choose on the dropdown box, again Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. Fill up the other details needed so they can inform you if you've won!


Then make sure you get your friends in it too by sharing it on your wall.


You'll get a confirmation if your entry gets accepted. You can actually do it again the next day for MORE CHANCES OF WINNING!


It's a sure easy way of getting a free stay at one of the best hotels in the world. Best of all its free! =)

It's not too late to have a romantic getaway right in the heart of the metro! =)

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ABSCBN Launches Apps for Bayan Mo iPatrol Mo: Tayo Na!

Monday, February 18, 2013

This took me a lot of time to post because for once this really made me think about the importance of my vote in this coming elections. I end up making this bit a little opinionated; asking myself who to choose, why and how to actually take care of my vote. It's a huge debacle for any person to always find faults or over complicate things... but it really is. You and I know how dirty politics is in the Philippines, let alone the voting process. We've begun automating the elections but still doubt the outcome since most probably think there's still cheating somewhere. If not on the actual voting itself, the printing of the ballot, the counting or the results.

We're all allowed to voice our opinions, but who's going to do something about our qualms? It won't be this government alone, we need to be as vigilant as our future depends on it. This is how I see it... and it's a good thing even private companies like ABS CBN spearhead campaigns like these to educate the Filipino voter about this privilege. What am I talking about?  

Bayan Mo iPatrol Mo is a campaign that was launched years ago by ABS CBN initially to get people like you and me to go out, register and exercise our inalienable right to vote. They have been extremely successful in doing that. This year they added something cool to the tagline called "Tayo Na!" which empowers the ordinary citizen to remain vigilant as the election and campaign starts. They are slowly doing this through voters education i.e. workshops, social media and mainstream too. Giving the youth real life examples, the correct text and rules on elections, voting and other matters concerned with this exercise can make them a force against unscrupulous politicians who think they can get away with cheating, vote buying and election related violence. A single text, report on Facebook, Twitter, any social media channel, Email or a call can get teams mobilized so your concern can reach the proper authorities - and later take action on it. Ms. Jing Castaneda was so enthusiastic to say that "the youth can play a part in this campaign" and she also mentions how important your role is in making sure you and your vote won't be violated come election day. I only watch her on her morning weekend shows but to see how she wants things to happen so our generation could benefit from it, she's a good person indeed.She's also hopeful because as she sees the people who frequent their workshops, she mostly sees the youth take part full of hope that someday and some way it will all be better. She enjoins us to take time and download the apps from the apple store and android too as this technology would get everything done faster, more efficiently, with the correct information that they need to take action on complaints. I installed it after a few minutes =)

Tita Inday Varona who heads BMPM is pretty hands on. She gave us a picture of what it was like when they were just starting. Now together with their partners, COMELEC, PPCRV and the private sector, they were able to make their operations nationwide. It's relatively bigger, better, faster and more efficient now. With the help of technology, they were able to do things unprecedented. There are still some things to work on but she's optimistic that with the help of ordinary citizens (like you and me), social media practitioners (like the bloggers that were there) and the community, it would be possible to some how some day things would actually be better. Cheating would be eliminated and the citizenry would play a pro active role in doing things for themselves. Change the whole culture of how we are during this period of elections and stay optimistic that REAL change can come. She's witness to how the youth sector (even those of who haven't even voted yet); that they want to learn and start change from their generation. This is the same reason why they will continue to hold workshops in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao together with their 300,000 strong volunteers and I'm not surprised. It is also the same ideals that I also see in me, maybe even more.

Ms. Ging Reyes ABSCBN Senior Vice President for News and Current Affairs wanted to really talk to us. Even though bloggers are not communications/literature majors, she sees our drive to write extremely important. She knows the value of bloggers nowadays and she sees the influence we play in cyberspace. She points out that even though some trad media practitioners look down on online media (and they said that bluntly), they can never deny that we are the future. She feels it was the same thing that they used to do to broadcasters, cameramen in the past; that is why she really understands us. Our contribution and power to disseminate information at a touch of a button is evidently also prone to use and abuse. Our responsibility to our audience is BIG. Telling them about how important each vote that they cast for change to happen in our country is easy; and since it is personal, they trust us more no matter what medium we choose. She's been outside the country and back but she has always found hope in our people. She knows we can achieve change, and it will happen soon. She laments even an ordinary Pinoy can do it. They have several avenues in BMPM that can spark that change she's referring to. Just head on to and click on the tab that says HOW TO SUBMIT.

You can also head on to the App Store or Google if you plan to use the ABSCBN News Application or the COMELEC App. Just fill out the necessary details and you'll be taken cared of. If you also plan to become a volunteer, you can contact them on the same avenues or head on to and check their events, workshops and caravans scheduled to appear on your local government/private venues nationwide! If bloggers like me can do it, so can you!

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Bayan Mo, iPatrol Mo: Tayo Na!


Watch Rocco Nacino Tear Down Political Dynasties in New Drama Series "Bayan Ko"

It's so easy to elect someone but to change how people act in public service office must be too hard to handle. Honestly, I've seen worse in real life; if you go to far flung areas and provinces not usually reached by the national government, you'll feel like this is even normal to them. It's like they have their own lifestyle and they don't care that much about proper decorum. I cringe at the sight of these, just watch the video below.

On March 10, 2013 GMA will be showing a six part mini series entitled "Bayan Ko" and let us take a lesson on local politics and the ugly truth. Starring the channel's "IT" boy Rocco Nacino who also just finished one of the best top rated afternoon drama series in the network (Yesterday's Bride) he plays the role of Mayor Joseph Santiago (a very optimistic neophyte in local politics). Watch as he battles out a huge political dynasty in their town, headed and played by renowned actor Pen Medina as the governor and Ping Medina as his congressman son.

It's one of the child projects of GMA News TV Channel created by Ms. Nessa Valdelleon. It's a timely topic now that it's election season; and I've seen how hard Rocco researched about this particular character. He went to real deal municipalities/cities to check out how much hard work public service entails and see how good or bad this part of the society is.

Rocco Nacino

I can't wait to see this series. I'm sure you guys would love to see this after his phenomenal performance in "Yesterday's Bride".

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GMA News


Spiral @ Sofitel Manila: Albert Andrada's Orient Express

Sunday, February 17, 2013

If you haven't been been able to visit Spiral at Sofitel Manila lately, you are missing a lot. Aside from the excellent food and mouthwatering choices on 21 ateliers, they show more things other than just plain dining. A totally whole other worldly experience showed itself a few days ago as they set the bar high for their Chinese New Year celebration. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Albert Andrada's Orient Express.

They started with the models traversing down the side escalator which leads to the main lobby of Spiral. The actual restaurant will be their catwalk. I was seeing whites, golds, silvers, grays, ceramic broken onto the dress and sheer fabric.

Structured construction and embedded with studs, layered and kept in the theme of a Shanghai traveler, he opens with these 4 creations starting with what seems to be a pretty good example of his vision... the Orient Express!

OPM Means: We Are One at the 18th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!

This weekend was great. I saw some of the most reputable OPM stalwarts this country has ever known in one place. Good enough to spark my interest in singing again but that's another story. Well it looks like they are putting their foot where their mouth is when they launched "OPM Means We Are One!" at posh Annabel's Restaurant in Tomas Morato in Quezon City.

Fresh from the success of their Valentine's day concert, Ogie Alcasid the current President of OPM (Organization ng mga Pilipinong Mangaawit) together with 7 other music and industry orgs is proud to announce that they will be having a 2 day all OPM music festival coinciding with the 18th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at the OMNI Aviation Complex, Clark Field Pampanga. The concert will start at exactly 6PM and will be done after the air shows and balloon launches then ends at 9PM. This will benefit a couple or more charities that OPM and their partners have been helping these past few years. You know they can't do it alone. This is a good cause and you have the power to help them help others just by watching the show. Tickets are going to be sold at only PhP 250.00 only which you can purchase at the gate. It's that easy!

Sky Cable's Official Press Statement

Saturday, February 16, 2013

For all Sky Cable subscribers just like me, I just got hold of their official statement regarding the problems encountered after a systems update on their digibox a few weeks ago. This also has something to do with the GMA and 4 other channels who had issues encountered after that update. 

Apparently they have it now fixed!

Now make sure you go ahead and update your digiboxes to the latest one so you would have these channels back. I know some of you still watch programs on these channels, so thank the one above we're back in regular programming. Now where's that remote control when you need it...

Call 381-0000 if you are still having problems with it. Which reminds me... I need to have another digibox for my cable line too.

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