The Piano

Friday, February 08, 2013

I grew up with a pretty musical family. I've been blessed to have seen my relatives careers flourish in Christian, Pop or mainstream music. The bug didn't get to bite me though and I wish it did instead of pressing me pressing keyboards now. Regrets? I do have some but I don't discount the fact that life in general has been good to me. It makes me realize I have so many things to be thankful for but in hindsight, it would have been nice to have seen me in this field too.

I tried to get music lessons when I was a kid in this piano but it was really difficult. Reading notes, knowing when to press keys and getting to follow a certain scale was all a blur to me. I even got enough money to purchase Yamaha Used Pianos which I wanted to buy and play alone in my room but my folks didn't see I need one. I even joined a band in college. I had a nice taste of what it felt to be in that situation. It felt good... and I knew that in some small way I was already realizing my dream. It may be simple to some but for me it was all I needed to get in touch with my musicality. Today I don't really have a band anymore but I have been good friends with my band mates. I think I gained more than what I bargained for and I was able to still write songs even at this day and age. I am happy something still came out of it; and for that I am truly thankful that even if I don't play that piano anymore, I have my friends and songwriting to make me feel grounded. Music and I might not have been good buddies but the experience was precious. Today, we're planning to sell this family heirloom. I wish whoever gets to have this in their living room would make great use for it and later on, a family inclined with music too. Blessed be.


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