Yeng Constantino Launches New Album Metamorphosis!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Yeng was able to choose songs and overall input on this album and says she wants the name to be about transformation, change and maturity. Metamorphosis was the only word she could think of. 

This specific season she was able to work with the greatest musicians, and writing is much like a diary to her. Listening to her own songs made her realize how much she's changed over the years and now she knows what to do do, what to say and she's so glad her record company allowed her to do things freely. She's kinda afraid if people would accept her but she says she doesn't want to look back and say she didn't do it.

She adds she wants to be true to herself and they will hear the old Yeng but she will always add something new, something to actually dance with, even a music video. Listening to blink182 and Mandy Moore at the same time made her also realize that she doesn't need to be boxed up at all.

Yeng wants yo be a good example to everyone especially the youth because she wants to honor God, the church and she's happy about it. Her music is also about love, and heartbreaks but she says she wants to keep her own relationships private. But also says she can't really keep a secret and you'll probably see her tweet or instagram about it. She also hints about a love story that almost happened with a close friend but it had to end.

Good news actually arrived when we were in the blog conference because a prestigious academy in Europe got Yeng Constantino as  an honorary member as they put up a branch in Singapore so she's gonna be there on March 3. Make sure you visit her new website and find out more of what Yeng has in store for you this 2013 and her new album Metamorphosis! Watch how Yeng transforms into something bigger, better and brighter Philippine and possible International Rockstar than before! It's out on stores now!

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Yeng Constantino


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