Coco Martin, Julia Montes: A Moment In Time

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Love has never been so wonderful. It crosses boundaries like age, time, consequences. It doesn't even try to do it but it just makes everything happen on its own. Some would get hurt, some would get lost but it ultimately ends up getting sublime happiness and never realize it was all worth it. How can you say no to love?

A film directed by Emmanuel Quindo Palo, you will be brought to another love story with Coco Martin and Julia Montes called A Moment in Time.

Would you love someone poor? Would you love someone that your family doesn't approve of? Would you be willing to hurt yourself in the process and still fight for it? Well that's a tough question to answer. We got to see how Coco and Julia in this film do just that; in this year's most romantic film to date.

Shot on different countries in Europe, they made each part of the love story come out and play an important part on how their lives become one good dream, something that they have been waiting for in a long time. Here are some shots from the grand press conference. This will open on February 13 on over 100 cinemas nationwide!

UPDATE! Here are the photos I promised!


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