Sabrina's I Love Acoustic 5

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I love Sabrina. You probably know by now how successful she is because for most guys who adore listening to acoustic songs, she's the "IT" girl and why not; she's the best in class. I am so fortunate to know a dear person like her. She's so charming, down to earth and sweet. I downloaded her music the day it came out off the iTunes Store here because I've waited for this since she got her other album (Sabrina's Acoustic Love Notes) out which she collaborated with Joe D' Mango months ago.

She treated us with a couple of songs from her previous albums and told us more about how she's doing now. She's got multiple platinum awards mind you in Indonesia. The Asian region adores "The Asian Acoustic Sweetheart" 

Her rendition of I'd Really Love To See You Tonight came from her previous style that touches a little bossa then she goes singing her original called Oh Boy!

It's been a while but I always feel loved when Sabrina's around. Her song choices and arrangements just spark that soothing mood you look for in acoustic songs. No wonder she's loved the world over. If you haven't listened to her songs, here's a treat. These are snippets of the actual song on the album I LOVE ACOUSTIC 5!

The album contains the current hits we've always loved but interpreted by the Acoustic Sweetheart herself Sabrina!

1.  We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
2.  Call Me Maybe
3.  Payphone
4.  What Makes You Beautiful
5.  Starships
6.  Somebody That I Used To Know
7.  Part Of Me
8.  One Thing
9.  Glad You Came
10.  I Won't Give Up
11.  We Found Love
12.  Stronger: What Doesn't Kill You
13.  A Thousand Years
14.  Domino
15.  If I Die Young
16.  Could It Be by Sabrina & Koh Mr. Saxman
17.  Oh Boy
18.  Terrified by Sabrina & Christian Bautista

Note that she's got two songs done with other great artists lik Koh Mr. Saxman from Thailand and the one and only Christian Bautista. You should also watch their recent video "Terrified" and it'll put you into the mood just like clockwork. I love Sabrina and I love her music. Make sure if you visit your favorite record bars, try to check out her album. My friends and I are hooked; and she's always in our gadgets and cars playlist. You should experience how her music can change you, your taste and your lifestyle. 

Take it easy, relax, she's Sabrina, and we love her!

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